Telegram’s Premium Subscription Confirmed

Telegram’s Premium Subscription Confirmed
Telegram’s Premium Subscription Confirmed

Telegram, one of the many social media applications, is now following the crowd of other companies by making its own premium subscription service in order to make more money.

As of recently, the company has made an announcement that users who want to hold premium accounts would have to pay more money in order to get access to some exclusive benefits, such as larger file sizes טלגראס קישור and more incentive features.

But it does not mean  that the company is unveiling too much right now. For instance, important details like pricing, advantages, and availability are o be known.

The news come just around a month after beta testing from the popular messaging service, where the CEO made the announcement himself in regards to the paid service through his channel.

Pavel Durov, Telegram’s CEO, has stated that users can expect an array of new features that he had originally tried to keep hidden. However, he did give a few hints towards the end of his announcement, like the ability to send larger documents and stickers.

But if you’re a Telegram user who is content with the current service offerings, then there’s no need to worry. You can continue using the free messaging platform – premium features are only for those who are looking for something extra.

In a recent blog post, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov reiterated that all of the app’s existing features will continue to remain free of any additional costs. He also revealed how the app has more in store for its regular Telegram users and they’re currently being planned out at the moment.

We’ve been hearing so many rumors about the launch of Telegram’s paid premium accounts since the year 2020. At that time, the CEO stated how plans were in pipeline, and if they were to be released, they’d be targeting those with power and business. With this recent update from Durov, it seems like those plans might finally be coming to fruition – though no official word has been given on when we can expect to see them.

Last year, the company revealed one of its ads for monetization, which makes sense. However, Telegram has also been spotted promoting its premium account release with reaction emojis and huge stickers. This seems to be a preview of what’s to come and how new features will be available for those who are willing to pay for them.

We’ve seen the app’s slogan change from “free forever” to “free of cost and unlimited cloud storage,” and it looks like that will be the new code for the premium app. This was confirmed by the CEO in a recent social media post.

According to the CEO, the premium account will be a subscription-based service. There have been some leaks in recent weeks about what benefits it may include, such as 4GB for uploads, fun avatars, innovative reactions, profile badges, and more.

In the same way, the leaks we’ve come across speak of pricing plans too for this premium plan and that could be around $5 a month. But users don’t need to worry as future updates will be free of cost and will apply to all user accounts, regardless of whether they’re subscribed to the premium plan or not.

User demand is the primary reason for introducing a paid plan for Telegram. Durov stated that there has always been a large demand for increased limits on various media features and file sizes, and the only way to make this possible is through a paid function that is funded by users instead of advertisers. This ensures that users remain the app’s top priority.


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