10 Common Problems With Hard Drives on Mac and Windows: Ways to Fix Them

Hard Drives on Mac

Regardless of the operating system you’re using, hard drive issues may arise when you don’t expect them at all. So, it is better to be prepared and armed for those cases and for Hard Drives on Mac . 

This article will make a short overview of the 10 most widely spread problems with hard drives and try to clear up solutions for each one of them. 

Popular Hard Drive Issues and Recommendations for Users to Cope with Them

Now, before calculating how much you will spend on hard drive repair, have a look at some smart ways to solve common hard drive mistakes and problems. That might be less serious than you think! 

  1. File or hard drive corruption

Sometimes a single file or whole system can be corrupted. It can happen due to the incorrect shutting down of the OS, malicious program activity, or power supply surges. 

Solution #1: Repairing corrupt files, as a rule, can be performed with no third-party instruments. Issue the Command Prompt Window by pressing the “Start” button and typing in “cmd”. If a new window pops up, type the “chkdsk g:/f” code and confirm it with “Enter.”

Solution #2 is needed if the previous one fails. It includes using the best software for hard drives like Paragon or Disk Drill. They can cope with repairing hard disks together with all the info. Visit Here

Anyway, before opting for any of these solutions, complete the hard drive diagnosis test. 

2. Formatted hard drive

A popular request is “How to fix a hard drive if it’s been formatted?” 

Users format hard drives to fix previous mistakes but in some cases, they can do it to wrong hard drives or format them by mistake. The main problem is that all info stored on that drive is permanently lost, so you will need to involve the professional data recovery tools mentioned above. 

3. Wrong parameters – Hard Drives on Mac 

If your problem is with an external hard drive, check the USB connection first. If it doesn’t help, try to repair the disk by formatting it. 

4. Malware or virus attack- Hard Drives on Mac 

Virus cases bring a lot of trouble. Besides redirecting a user when browsing the web and disturbing them with strange pop ups, it can seriously damage the files on the computer. 


  • Use ad blockers in the browser and a firewall to protect you from fishy content and attacks. 
  • Update your antivirus. 
  • Don’t download anything suspicious or follow links received from unreliable senders. 

Here you’ll find more on how to recover files after they suffered a virus attack. 

5. Bad partition

Every hard drive is divided into partitions, or sectors which might become inactive. Hence, the data also becomes unavailable. 

Solution: restore a damaged partition with a recovery tool or use the same “chkdsk g:/f command” method to fix hard drive partition. 

Video tutorial: 

6. Overheating

The components of hard drives often don’t stand high temperatures. There are several solutions: 

1) to install a CPU fan properly and let it cool down the hard drive; 

2) take pauses in PC’s work; 

3) use an app to track how hot the hard disk becomes. Visit Here

7. The disk is full

The reason for this problem needs no explanation. Just try not to overload the PC with unneeded applications and content. You’ll also want to defragment this disk. 

8. Hard drive error #0142

This issue may arise when the device is started improperly.

Solution: try to launch the OS in safe mode.

9. The system refuses to boot. 

That’s rare for most contemporary PCs, but it might help to go back to default BIOS settings to fix it.  

10. The inaccessible boot device error (mostly in Windows 10)

This issue may arise if you recently updated the operating system. Checking if all hard drive mistakes are fixed, deleting all recently downloaded and installed packages, and making updates of drivers may help in this case.     

There is always a way out of whatever hard drive error or loss scenario you experienced. So, don’t underestimate the power of recovery software and standard tools to help you out in such situations!  



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