10 Hardware Fixes For Faster Internet

Hardware Fixes


Have you ever opened your internet browser, saw “no internet connection available,” and got too frustrated about it? – Hardware Fixes

Well, we bet you have. 

After all, we’ve gone through the same before as well. 

However, we didn’t give up. 

Instead, we followed the saying, “necessity is the mother of all inventions,” and found ten different fixes for faster internet. Here’s what you need to know about them.

Fixing Your Internet Speed – A Guide To Follow

Before we get started – there’s something we want to tell you.

If you’re using more than one device on a single Wi-Fi connection, your net speed is bound to get slower. In that case, only opting for a better package will be able to help you out.

However, if it’s still not working out for you, you can try out the following tips and check if they offer any solution or not.

Solution – 1: Try A Different Device

It’s pretty natural for a router to wear out after a while. Hence, when trying to fix your internet speed, you should always start with the obvious – using a new device. If it’s working, then it would be better to change your modem as soon as possible.

Solution – 2: Update Your Hardware Driver- Hardware Fixes

It may sound a little confusing, but not updating your hardware drivers can indirectly affect your computer’s speed. This, in turn, may slow down your internet in some cases. Thus, if the first solution hasn’t worked out for you, you may try this instead and see what’s cooking.

Solution – 3: Disable Your Range Extender- Hardware Fixes

Also known as a Wi-Fi repeater, a range extender can cause trouble with your net connection if you don’t restart it frequently. Thus, if you own something as such, try disabling it and then check your connection again. If this pans out well, you may try mesh networking as well.

Solution – 4: Troubleshoot Your System

If there’s any issue available with your Wi-Fi, troubleshooting can help you learn more about it. Also, you can automatically fix it right away using the brand-new feature of Windows. Hopefully, it’d improve your internet speed by a mile.

Solution – 5: Check The WAN Cables 

Sometimes, you won’t get any internet connection if the ethernet cable hasn’t been connected properly. Hence, for the next step, we’ll ask you to take a look at that. If you find the piece of hardware to be damaged, changing it quickly can be helpful as well.

Solution – 6: Keep An Eye On The Source

If your router and modem don’t work, you should start checking further down the line. Inspect the connection that’s coming to your house. See if the mainline has been knocked off by a storm. Fixing it should boost your net.

Solution – 7: Modify Your Network Channel

Are there too many wireless connections hovering around your network hotspot? Well, in that case, the available network traffic can block your computer from getting the internet and lead to a “connection error.” Change your Wi-Fi settings from the online interface to fix this issue.

Solution – 8: Reset The Network Settings 

Go to the “search” option on your desktop and write “reset Wi-Fi network settings” on it. It’ll lead you to a brand new page where you can change, modify, or reset your web connection. Doing so will revert the setting back to the primordial version and may fix your internet.

Solution – 9: Search And Exterminate Viruses 

For the next tip, we’ll ask you to open your antivirus software and prompt a deep scan of the PC. If you find any virus or malware along the way, make sure to delete them instantly. They could be the ones causing the sudden slow-down or internet connection error. If you don’t have antivirus software in your system, download it from The Pirate Bay.

Solution – 10: Call Up Your Service Provider 

If you’ve done everything you could do regarding your internet connection, it’s time for you to do the last-ditch tackle. Call your service provider and let them know about your problem. If something’s happening on their part, they’ll fix the same and let you know about it. You can also consider switching to Xfinity Internet Plans, which offer a variety of speeds and features to meet your needs.

The Bottom Line

The issue of not being able to connect to the internet has become pretty common these days. Hence, if you’re experiencing the same, make sure to follow our suggestions as closely as possible. Hopefully, it’ll all work out well for you!


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