2023 CSGO Updates & Other Vital Info

2023 CSGO Updates & Other Vital Info

It goes without saying that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most revered first-person shooters around today. Spanning globally from million-dollar competitions to lower-tier tournaments, this popular shooter continues to shape competitive gaming. Being around for nearly a decade, fans have seen a whole laundry list of updates, skins, weapons, maps, and campaigns come and go. With that in mind, it had to be the induction of customizations or skins that has the greatest impact.

While these extremely addictive in-game items do not alter a player’s abilities, they are often accredited for changing the level of enjoyment and dedication.

The Biggest Takeaways From The 2.0 Release

As the rumors swirl and fans sit by idly, sources close to Valve continue to release information as soon as it rolls in. To date, it looks like there is a lot to look forward to from this new 2.0 source update. First and most importantly, players will be glad to learn that Valve will be sticking with its standard free upgrade platform.

That’s right all players will be privy to Counter-Strike 2 as part of a new, free upgrade. Perhaps even more important, are the announcements that certain new in-game changes could alter the way the game is played for many. Of course, there will be new maps, campaigns, and skins, but it’s these gameplay and visual changes that can potentially alter team and individual playing styles.

Starting with the smoke, Valve promises not only to make the visual impedance more realistic, but much more visually obstructive. This unique feature could possibly become a major factor in many of the biggest upcoming tournaments. 

It’s not just the smoke that stands to alter gameplay, but Valve has promised players everything from smoother movements to more responsive shooting as well as sub-tick upgrades.

In addition to sound and looking better, Valve has also released several teasers regarding the designs of new maps. To make a long story short, Counter-Strike 2 will essentially be the same game with a few slight upgrades and new maps. Oh, and don’t forget about the skins! Although they do not alter game styles or gameplay, skins are always one of the most vaunted topics.

Are Skins Going To Be Transferred To Source 2?

Players need not worry about all the time they’ve already spent collecting the rarest drops. It will not be for naught. The entire currently active collection of skins for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will be applicable with the new upgrades. Valve has officially confirmed this, along with the fact that players don’t need to do anything to ensure all their items are transferred. 

Unfortunately, those discontinued skins will remain unavailable to players that don’t already have them. Trade CS skins is a great way to save money on rare designs.

Expect Skins To Look Even Better

With the improved lighting and textures, it only stands to reason that players can visual changes. Since skins are as much a part of the game code as the maps or campaign objectives, these pieces of code will be transferred.

In simple terms, it’s only the looks that will be affected by these new upgrades. Valve has promised that players will enjoy the new enhancements, and Valve always delivers. Even better, these changes will virtually take place naturally. Once the update is live, players simply log into their account, go through the necessary downloads and installations, and everything will be automatically transferred.

CSGO Skin Collection For Hardcore Fans

The CS: GO skin market is one of the most competitive of its kind. Gamers, including beginners and veterans, are adamant about adding new design releases to their collection. While it may be difficult to belief, hardcore gamers have a collection of the top CSGO skins. Each collection is unique with a variety of weapon and costume skins with varying price tags. 

Collecting CS: GO skins is a hobby for many fans. The mere fact, unique designs exist is enough to entice players to invest a substantial amount of money into the market. 

The value of CSGO skin collections is oftentimes compared to that of Disney, Hanna-Barbera, DC Comics, Marvel, and Nintendo. The high price tag of rare designs would make it very to invest tens of thousands of dollars into the CSGO skins market. 


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