3 Most Innovative Construction Tech Solutions for A Safer Jobsite

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Safety is a major concern in any construction site as the construction industry has the highest number of workplace injuries and fatalities. Several factors contribute to the risks associated with construction sites making it the most dangerous occupation and posing a major global concern. 

With such high risks involved in the construction industry, protecting employees is now a top priority in many construction companies. 

The good news is that technology has brought several innovative solutions like California excavators at Boom & Bucket that have played an essential role in ensuring safety at all construction sites.

The following are the different ways technology has impacted construction and construction sites like the simple traffic cone, and companies to ensure security for all at the construction sites.

1. Site Sensor and Mobile Safety Applications

Site sensors and safety apps are now in use, and they are helping managers and workers sense where there is risk and raise the alarm. Construction sites are now deploying various site sensors around the working area to monitor what is happening. 

The sensors trigger an alarm when there is a compromising safety activity at the construction site. These devices monitor temperature, noise, and anything else that could pose a danger to those working at the site.

The sensors have become very effective in protecting workers, with some of them even using wearable smart devices to ensure total safety at the construction site. Most of the devices are in the form of safety vests and a hard hat with sensors. 

These smart devices mainly monitor the employee’s activities, including analyzing the posture and can tell whether or not the employee is exhausted. 

Such a sensor gives the employees some confidence that if something happens to any of them, the colleagues will be there to take the necessary action so they will receive the information in real-time.

2. Virtual Reality and Simulation

The innovation has improved the working condition of the construction sites by making sure that they are not only safer but also have strong and durable structures. 

Using Virtual reality and simulation entails visualizing the site and its composition before even the work begins. It gives the managers a clear picture of how everything will run in the construction site once the work begins. 

The importance is to give the managers an idea of all the possible risks in the construction site. They get that even before the workers begin their job. In addition, virtual reality and simulation allow the site managers to see both the quantity and quality of the materials to be used in the construction site and what they should use to ensure a strong structure.

3. Digitized Safety Processes

Digitalizing safety processes is one of the best options when it comes to ensuring safety at construction sites. As a result, many construction businesses are embracing digitized safety processes to ensure a safer environment. 

Most of them use digitized safety processes, unlike the many paper-based checklists, forms, documents, and reports that make compliance hard to achieve. Technology is even replacing traffic cons that have been used as warning signs. 

As a result, teams are becoming more productive by saving both time and money and showcasing the organization’s commitment to ensuring safe working sites.

It is a statutory requirement that a permit is required for high-risk tasks and work activities where the workers are dealing with high risk equipment. 

Activities like handling hot woks, demolition, working at high heights, and many others require a permit before the project begins. The best thing about the digitization process is that it ensures proper planning of the work before it commences. 

The work is well planned through the process, assesses the risks, and ensures that the work area returns to a safe state after the task is complete.

The process provides greater accountability during the approval process as there is higher traceability because you have digital sign offs and authentication technology. 

The best thing about the digitalization of construction sites is that it ensures that all working people have valid qualifications. 

You also get the approval to carry out the high-risk tasks. However, with the right assessment, the leaders have all the relevant information they need at their disposal even before getting to the construction site.

It is therefore critical for all constructionists to leverage construction safety technology across sites. Technology is playing a critical role in the safety of construction sites both now and shortly. 

When everyone focuses on safety at the construction sites, it will be possible to achieve a very high standard of safety at the construction sites, with the above digital application and many more that have not been discussed here.


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