4 Industries Where Location Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Business

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Organizations and businesses are increasingly turning to big data research to navigate challenges and make strategic decisions. Within the business landscape, this type of research is commonly known as Business Intelligence (BI). An integral aspect of a company’s BI strategy involves gathering data on the location and timing of events, which is referred to as Location Intelligence (LI). In this article, we will be discussing Location Intelligence, exploring its significance and impact on four industries where it is making big waves.

What Is Location Intelligence?

Location Intelligence is a combination of geospatial data and business intelligence to make better decisions across industries. The practice involves the collection, integration and analysis of data from multiple sources to generate actionable insights and facilitate confident decision-making.

In the 1800s, London physician John Snow employed a similar strategy during a cholera outbreak, using maps to track affected areas and water supply points. This historical example illustrates the potential of Location Intelligence in solving real-world problems. God bless John!

Today, Location Intelligence is revolutionizing strategic decision-making across industries like retail, hospitality and even public healthcare. If we go by the numbers, 90% of government organizations consider Location Intelligence to be critical to their ongoing operations. 

business intelligence

Now that we have established the profound impact of Location Intelligence across industries, let’s take a look at five industries witnessing a transformative shift. 

4 Industries Where Location Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Business

  1. BFSI

Now, let’s dive into the BFSI industry, where location-based datasets turn out to be a valuable asset as they help significantly in making location-based business decisions. From understanding customer behavior to making decisions through location analytics, it provides all the necessary information to understand their target audience better.

Understanding their customers empowers BFSI companies to prioritize financial products and services based on customer behavior. It’s not just about that; it’s about spotting market gaps and comprehending the dynamics of demand, supply and competition that directly impact their bottom line.

Take banks, for example. They can harness the power of Geographic Information System (GIS) platforms to analyze customer locations, identify optimal ATM locations and delve into buying habits and demographics. But wait, there’s more – knowing customer locations opens the door to crafting better campaigns and providing better customer services as well. With Location Intelligence in play, BFSI companies can collaboratively identify areas rich with their most profitable customers.

  1. Marketing

Location Intelligence is not the only secret ingredient for managing a successful marketing campaign but it sure knows how to work its magic. Imagine tailoring campaigns based on the specific audience present in targeted locations – that’s the secret sauce for success! After all, who wouldn’t want to know where their ads will make the biggest impact?

Location Intelligence steps up as the ace of spades for business strategies. It helps identify underperforming sales territories and potential markets, allowing businesses to strategize their next moves with precision. This not only elevates the quality of their campaigns but also boosts confidence. Marketers can now make decisions with assurance, knowing they are reaching their audience in the most optimal locations. It’s time to secure the perfect billboard at the perfect place –  be at the right place at the right time!


  1. Healthcare

In healthcare, Location Intelligence is turning into a game-changer for maximizing operational efficiency. Picture this – knowing the exact whereabouts of every doctor, whether inside or outside the facility. Need to reach an on-call physician? No problem – you not only know where they are but also how long until they’re on-site. 

And for patients, location intelligence means empowerment. With a simple mobile search, they can locate a nearby doctor specialized in treating their specific condition. It’s about giving patients the ability to conduct thorough research, ensuring they find a healthcare professional who perfectly fits their needs.

But the benefits don’t stop there. When it comes to hospitals, tracking everything from equipment to patients can be a monumental task. However, with RTLS (Real-time location system) tags, you can monitor the movements of equipment, instruments and patients altogether. This not only streamlines healthcare processes but makes it seamless and efficient.

  1. Infrastructure Planning 

Infrastructure planning is where Location Intelligence turns coins into gold. Who doesn’t dream of living in well-planned communities that offer housing, employment and opportunities? Location Intelligence integrates datasets from diverse datasets such as satellite imagery, sensor networks, social media feeds and public records. 

This integration helps identify patterns, trends and relationships between different variables to build a better community. It’s not just about community planning; it extends to environmental planning and sustainability, analyzing air quality, green spaces and energy consumption. This doesn’t just assist in better risk assessment but also prepares city planners for disasters like floods, earthquakes or industrial accidents. With Location Intelligence, you can be prepared for everything that comes your way!

The Final Words

In conclusion, Location Intelligence has emerged as a potent tool for delivering exceptional customer services across various industries. Whether in the private or government sector, retail, hospitality or healthcare industries, Location Intelligence not only assists in finding the right location but also promises high returns on investment by reducing risks and increasing profits. If you’re looking to enhance services in your industry, consider integrating Location Intelligence today. 


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