5 Awesome Tools and Extensions for GraphQL

Extensions for GraphQL

GraphQL is often touted as the best replacement for REST. The flexible query language was created by Facebook and released to the market in 2015. 

The good thing about GraphQL is that it combines data that would ordinarily exist in several endpoints. It does this by creating packages that reduce the number of roundtrips a developer needs to make. Besides, it has a complex typing system that makes it easy for you to make specific queries. 

If your resources are rational and complex, then GraphQL is a better option than REST. Many developers find GraphQL both efficient and effective. It doesn’t complicate your work like other languages that are not straightforward. 

Below are 5 awesome tools and extensions of GraphQL: 

  1. Visual GraphQL Editor 

This is one of the best GraphQL tools you can find. GraphQL Editor gives you an opportunity to better understand the GraphQL schema. You can easily create it by using multiple visual blocks and allow the Editor to convert them into code. 

Besides, the tool can offer your app with mock backend data that is essential in speeding up the prototyping of your application. It won’t take you long before you have your code ready for deployment. 

  1. GraphDoc 

GraphDoc is a static page used in generating documents used to store GraphQL schema. It has a higher rate of performance compared to most of the available tools in the market. Most developers love it because it can be customized to suit your current needs. 

If you manage to correctly set up your GrapghDoc, it will provide you with a link that is able to offer people an idea of the type of data that exists and how they are able to query the data. 

  1. GraphCMS

Any website developer must have heard if not used this amazing tool. GraphCMS is a headless GraphQL that allows you to develop a GraphQL backend while at the same time offering tools for people content generators to create and manage their content. 

The tool comes with webhooks, image processing, multi-project management, and a lot more. You can access the developer plan free of charge but advanced versions of the software are priced from anywhere between $50 to $500 per month. 

  1. GraphiQL

This is an in-browser IDE used for documenting and testing GraphQL APIs. It works with a React component to condense the GraphiQL editor. 

The major advantage of GraphiQL is that it provides intelligent type before fields argument, allows highlighting of syntax and types errors on a rea-time basis. It also has an automatic query completion feature. 

  1. Apollo GraphQL platform 

This is also one of the best GraphQL tools. The platform has combined a host of important tools that any developer would need when it comes to creating and operating a GraphQL API. The Apollo GraphQL platform gives you an opportunity to access libraries, tools, and systems you may need to perform GraphQL almost immediately. 

In general, there are quite a number of tools and extensions for GraphQL available. You can easily learn GraphQL tools and use them for your web development needs. 



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