5 Common Signs You Need a New Phone

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Smartphones have taken over the mobile device market and now an estimated 81% of Americans have replaced their old mobile devices with a smartphone. The only problem is that sometimes, these delicate smartphones aren’t quite as resilient as the limited but durable cellphones of the past. What are the signs you need a new phone? Keep reading to find out five Common Signs You Need a New Phone upgrade.

  1. You Can’t Update to Newer Operating Systems

Smartphones go through regular updating cycles so that they can run on the latest operating systems. Sometimes these upgrades fix issues with security, sometimes they give you a fresh interface, and sometimes they give you access to fun new features. However, older phones are limited on available updates, and once your phone is at its update limit, it’s time for new tech.

  1. Your Battery Life Is Getting Shorter

Depending on how much you use your smartphone, it should last anywhere from 8 to 24 hours. The problem is that over time, lithium batteries start to wear out, both from usage and from external conditions like high or low temperatures. If you’re only getting a few hours of battery life before you have to recharge, it’s time for an upgrade.

  1. Your Screen Is Unresponsive

Every once in a while, smartphone screens cease to respond. This is a pretty big problem when we’re talking about a device that depends on touch screen capabilities. You may be able to repair an issue like this, but chances are, it won’t be worth the price.

  1. Your Apps Keep Crashing

You try to open Instagram but before you can like a single post, the app closes itself. You go to pull up Spotify but you can’t listen to your music because the app won’t stay open. When this happens repeatedly, try turning your phone off and on again–and if that doesn’t solve the problem, you may have an issue with your operating system that, once again, isn’t worth the repair costs.

  1. You’re Ready for Newer Technology

Sometimes the biggest sign that you need a new smartphone is that you’re simply tired of the one you have. If that’s the case, sell your old device (price will vary based on condition and age) and get ready to purchase a new one. Smartphone technology is constantly updating and sometimes, you don’t want to miss out on those latest changes.

Don’t Ignore These Signs You Need a New Phone

We’ve come to depend on our smartphones, not only to make calls and send texts but also to surf the web, post on social media, and play games. Don’t leave yourself in a rut with an old smartphone. Look for these signs you need a new phone and upgrade when necessary!

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