5 Important Truths About Female Toys That Beginners Must Know


Did you know that historically, women once sought dildos from doctors? There was a mistaken belief that women couldn’t achieve orgasm. Thus, women would visit the pharmacy for prescribed vibrators, often for issues like hysteria and insomnia. Fortunately, attitudes have evolved since then.

Female sex toys have become more mainstream and have gained mentions in media, particularly after the sexual revolution. Today, pleasure products for women are even available in local supermarkets. However, this doesn’t imply that everyone is well-versed in their use. In this article I’m going to go over some of the basics you need to know about female toys, and if you want to buy sex toys or learn more about sex toys, feel free to check out the inyarose website.

What Defines a Sex Toy for Women?

The female body, is an intricate landscape with many nerve endings around erogenous zones. Contrary to previous beliefs, science has proven that women can have orgasms, which are often stronger than men’s.

Given these physiological aspects, many female pleasure products have similar features and focus on specific parts of the body. For instance, numerous devices are designed to resemble a penis, allowing for natural G-spot stimulation or clitoral vibration and suction. It’s an empowering time for women.

Common Features of Well-Known Dildos

Although each device is unique, there are shared similarities among them. Manufacturers target women with designs that are ergonomic and anatomically oriented. Here are 15 typical features found in many female pleasure products:

Curved shafts for enhanced G-spot stimulation

Bulbous heads for comfortable insertion

Variable lengths and girths for personalized experience

Solid inner cores to replicate the sensation of an erection

Realistic flesh-like materials for authenticity

Hypoallergenic components for skin safety

Intricate detailing for fantasy fulfillment

Rechargeable batteries for convenience

Discreet designs to maintain privacy

Quiet motors for discreet use

Compatibility with other devices for couple’s play

Motion sensors for synchronized interactions

Bluetooth capabilities for long-distance relationships

Virtual reality integration for novel experiences

App-controlled interfaces for sexual exploration

Many toys are also lightweight, portable, and waterproof, allowing for travel confidence or indulgence while cleaning up. However, these standard features are just the beginning. Exploring more about these devices requires further research and understanding.

5 Facts Beginners Should Know About Female Sex Toys

When delving into the realm of female sex toys, the array of features and settings might be overwhelming. Rather than fixating on endless possibilities, focus on these five essential facts.

1.Regular Cleaning is Crucial

Given the intimate areas these devices are used in, it’s imperative to maintain cleanliness. Your toy may not be as pristine as you after use. Practice responsible usage by cleaning it thoroughly and frequently.

TIP: Use a non-abrasive, hypoallergenic cleanser to sanitize your toy before and after each use.

2.Ample Lubrication Is Key

Adequate lubrication is vital, especially during anal play. The body produces limited lubrication during sex, and when a toy outlasts your stamina, it’s best to amp up the lubrication.

TIP: Opt for hypoallergenic, water-based lubricants for skin protection and better toy longevity.

3.Additional Accessories May Be Necessary

Some female sex toys come with a higher price tag and may require extra purchases to unlock all features. These extras could range from phone apps to batteries or even a harness. The choice is yours.

TIP: Start with simpler products before progressing to more complex ones, and explore to understand your body’s preferences.

4.Warranties Exist for Some Devices

Purchasing a female sex toy is an investment. Reputable manufacturers often offer warranties, although these don’t cover user negligence.

TIP: Register your warranty within 30 days of purchase to ensure coverage for any factory defects.

5.Proper Storage Matters

Maintaining discretion in storing your sex toys is essential. Not all products include storage containers, so finding a suitable hiding place might be necessary. Also, protect your devices from extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

TIP: Conceal your toys to prevent exposure to airborne bacteria effectively.

While the days of dildos hidden behind pharmacy windows are behind us, there’s still progress to be made in the sex toy industry. It’s vital to appreciate how far we’ve come and ensure ongoing advancement. Exploring this field responsibly is crucial for the empowerment of future generations. Are you prepared?

How to Choose Your First Female Sex Toy

Choosing your first female sex toy can feel daunting, especially if you’re new to exploring your body’s needs and desires. Start by focusing on self-discovery and open communication with your partner, if applicable.

Begin by locating your g-spot and familiarizing yourself with clitoral stimulation preferences. Understand whether internal or external pleasure brings you more satisfaction – and it’s okay to enjoy both. There’s a wide range of devices designed to suit various preferences.

Customization is a significant advantage when using pleasure products. Many toys offer adjustable settings via the device or an app, eliminating guesswork and enhancing your experience. Consider these three key factors:

Skin Sensitivity – Be cautious of toy materials containing latex, parabens, or phthalates. If needed, use a condom that’s safe for your skin type.

Power Capacity – Check the battery life of your chosen toy to ensure it meets your needs and maintains adequate power.

Budget – Keep in mind that some devices might require additional investments, so plan accordingly.

Don’t let the multitude of options overwhelm you. Categorize each choice to stay organized. Note that most dildos are primarily for external use unless they feature additional clitoral stimulation elements like rabbit ears.


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