5 Instagram Analytics Tools To Master Performance

Instagram Analytics Tools

There was a time when Instagram was only known for another facebook but only for pictures and Instagram Analytics Tools!


Now, there is so much more to do when it comes to Instagram analytics.

You have your-

– Engagement rate.

– Follower growth.

– Potential growth, &

– Even sales if you have an online store!

If you are an influencer or you are starting your first business with Instagram, it is understandable why Instagram analytics is so important for you.

Let’s say you have created a strategy and now you wish to see whether that strategy will work or not. 

How is it even going to be possible?

How will you know whether the strategy is yielding results or not?

It is all about Instagram analytics!

Method to get more instagram views depends on how well you understand the analytics.

Here is what you can do when it comes to understanding Instagram analytics!

You can get yourself the best Instagram analytics, and then analyze all the results. In this excerpt below, we will be talking about all the important Instagram analytics which can be of great help.

What Is Instagram Analytics

If you are using instagram for the purpose of business, there are definitely some of the strategies and goals which you have planned beforehand.

It is only through these that you will be able to see whether these strategies are working.

These reels will help you check your engagement rate, and whether there is a potential of increasing it.

With Instagram reels, you will also be able to understand the number of followers you have a potential to attract with the current growth analytics.

However, these are not set in stone, and will change with the increase and decrease of activity over social media.

Although, they will help you understand whether what you are currently doing is right or wrong.

Instagram Analytics Tools To Master Your Performance

These are some of the expert suggested master performance Instagram analytics tools, which can help you measure your success.

1. Creator Studio

Facebook pages and your Instagram account!

All in one place!

With your creator studio dashboard, you can manage your business accounts and get updates about your strategy within each seven days.

With your calendar, you can also see when you have posted and how much attention it is receiving.                  

2. Hootsuite Analytics

This is a detailed view of your Instagram analytics!

You can see your data from your past, and then compare the metrics with your present. This will give you a better idea about the changes you have incorporated in your Instagram posts and whether they were able to help your algorithm.

One of the best features is ranked comments according to the sentiments.

3. Instagram Insights

Did you know that if you are doing business over Instagram, you already have a built in application which can help you understand your metrics better.

From reach, to engagement, to likes and follower algorithms, you can get everything from this built in feature.

The only thing which is a drawback is the lack of long term tracking.

4. Iconosquare

This is the best auditing application for Instagram business accounts.

It provides all the information about the engagement, likes, and follower growth potential. Basically all the data which will give you a fine comprehension about your reach, and the impact of your content.

5. Phalanx

So, this is a free application which will help you see some of your engagement rate and follower potential.

Just like all the applications mentioned above right?

Then what is new about Phalanx?

Oh, we forgot to mention. You can not only see your engagement rate, but also see the same for others.

So, go check some of the top tier influencers, and see what they are doing.

A classic completion check!

Enjoy Your Success!

Once you get a hold of Instagram analytics, you will be able to measure each success for your social media business strategies. 

This is why analytics play such an important role for businesses and influencers in Instagram.

Because without an algorithm, you are literally throwing darts in the dark!

You have a goal, and it is the analytics which is ensuring that they come true.


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