5 Major Reasons Why People Still Use Torrenting Sites In 2022

Torrenting Sites

Torrenting sites, in spite of their heavy controversy, have always been in high demand!

This is because, of course, of the free stuff!

Well, not all. It might be hard to believe, but there are many other reasons for torrenting popularity.

People are not using torrenting just because they can get the second season of The Witcher for free.

Although, that is an excellent reason on its own!

But, as you may know, there are peers who are also uploading content on these torrenting sites. Why?

Is it only because they are righteous and they want people to have the latest movies and series?

Well, you are not entirely wrong, but let us explore the other reasons why people are still using torrenting sites in 2022.

How Torrenting Sites Works

Torrenting sites work on the peer-to-peer methodology. This is when a decentralized domain takes care of the entire torrenting process.

Once you get into the website, you will be able to see all the uploads from different computers. At the same time, if you wish to upload something on these torrenting sites, there is a way to do that as well.

You need to open an account here and then start uploading.

The upload and download speed is really commendable, especially for credible torrenting sites like the pirate bay.

Five Reasons For Torrenting Still Being An IT Thing

Now that you have already asked, let us answer it.

Here are the five most prominent reasons why Torrenting is still up and running among the audience.

1. On-Demand

On-demand content is the new term for entertainment!

You will never find anyone having the patience to wait for the movie to drop from the theaters and then air on the televisions.

Everything is now!

Anyway, you will have no other option but to watch it, since the spoilers will totally spoil your zeal to watch it as well. It is the standing torrenting sites that deserve all our salutes!

Because they have been providing on-demand content from before when this term wasn’t even a thing.

2. Free

Do we even have to say it!

Just imagine how much you are saving on those expensive streaming services? Whether it is the brand new series you have been longing to see or that software you absolutely need for your remote working.

You name it, and the torrenting sites will have it. It is like a real Mary Poppins bag.

Only digital!

3. Fastidious

If you compare your download and upload time with any other services, which will ask for your hard-earned money, you will always see torrenting sites like pirate bay winning.

This peer-to-peer method uses the original methodology with which the internet first commenced. This is the reason why you will never face the problem of slow download.

The upload time is also fast, allowing you to put movies in parts for a few seconds. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for those expensive streaming services or any other social media that allows you to upload your work.

4. Chance For Launch & Expansion

When you think about the audience based on the torrenting site, you are tempted to get your original work uploaded in this domain.

The idea isn’t totally outlandish!

In fact, there are people who have uploaded their work on pirate bay and gone viral with the help of its loyal viewers.

It is an excellent place to start when you do not have the initial funding to launch with a big company.

5. Marketing

This might sound new, but it isn’t!

Torrenting sites are used to understand the marketer by many business people. This is when you are analyzing the customer base by studying the downloads and comments to understand the current interest.

Tweaking your product or services accordingly can help you go a long way.

Torrenting Is Here To Stay!

Now you know that although getting free things is a part of the parcel, there is more to it.

Torrenting sites are the free source of information, and they are used for various purposes.

Education or entertainment, it is all free!

That’s why it is still standing!


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