5 Smart Ways to Deal With People Who Are Against Weed

Against Weed

Whether you’re butting heads with family members or trying to convince friends of the benefits of using cannabis, dealing with people who are against weed can be difficult. 

Being against the widespread use of cannabis is an understandable point of view if you don’t know all of the facts. Fear-based reactions to the drug are common, and can often turn otherwise civil conversations into heated debates. 

In order to avoid these uncomfortable encounters, we’re here to give you 5 smart ways to deal with people who are against pot! 

1. Be kind

We can’t stress this point enough, as it alone could save the world from conflict, so be kind! 

Actively empathize with whoever you’re talking to. Listen to everything they have to say. Take it all in at face value, and try to understand their point of view from their perspective. 

Even if you know that cannabis isn’t an evil plant that’s igniting the earth’s descent into chaos, get into that person’s state of mind and see it from their point of view. Don’t just listen to them and wait to respond. Make sure you fully understand them, then take the time to think of a response. Otherwise, you’re not really listening, are you? 

The reality is, one conversation with a person who’s adamantly against cannabis use won’t change their point of view, but the kindness and understanding you show them will stick with them no matter what! 

2. Know the health benefits

In our experience, most people who are against weed don’t understand the long list of health benefits associated with its use. In fact, you might just get the chance to educate someone!

Knowing the health benefits of weed gives you an opportunity to dispel misinformation and rumors -the two things that anti-cannabis advocates use to propagate their message.

Cannabis is a drug used to treat numerous health conditions including cancer, glaucoma, epilepsy, seizures, and more. Smoking weed helps to relieve chronic pain, increase lung capacity, improve appetite, alleviate anxiety, and the list goes on!

Make sure you know your stuff when it comes to the benefits of smoking weed, because you never know when you’ll get the chance to teach someone else something new.

3. Know the historical context of weed 

The history of cannabis is complex to say the least, and understanding it can mean the difference between having an argument and having a civil discourse with another person. 

Not many people know that nearly every household in the American colonies cultivated cannabis. They may not have cured cannabis flowers for recreational use like we do, but they certainly used hemp.

Hemp is a variety of the cannabis plant used to manufacture everyday products like fabric, paper, and rope -so much so that Virginia passed a law in 1619 requiring every farm to produce it!

Fast-forward to the 1950’s and you can see that political and economic agendas forced cannabis cultivators into illegality via mass media manipulation and propaganda.

Having the knowledge to explain the history of cannabis might just turn your anti-weed friends into cannabis sympathizers!

4. Compare it to pharmaceuticals

There’s no denying the negative and potentially life-threatening side effects of pharmaceutical drugs -particularly painkillers, antidepressants, and sedatives. 

Pharmaceutical drugs come with a long list of potential negative side effects, and when compared to medical marijuana, (especially in California) the choice is simple. 

Marijuana is not physically addictive, it’s easy to adjust dosages, it’s safe to use, and in many cases less expensive than its pharmaceutical counterpart. 

The legalization of medical marijuana is on the rise in many states, and California is historically one of the most progressive, having legalized the drug in 1996. If you’re interested in acquiring your medical marijuana card in California, check out this page on Veriheal. 

5. Keep it to yourself

Of all the tips listed above, this one might turn out to be the most helpful -especially for those dealing with highly opinionated people. You don’t have to share your weed experiences with anyone else. If you know someone who’s vehemently opposed to marijuana use, then it might be best to keep it to yourself. 

You don’t have to keep secrets from your friends and family, but you don’t have to broadcast your pot smoking either. When it comes to dealing with people who are against weed, sometimes it’s best to take the advice of Lennon and McCartney and “let it be.”


Disagreements happen, but you don’t have to lose friends over simple things like smoking weed. Take our advice above to heart, and you’ll be able to handle any anti-marijuana nut you come across!


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