5 steps to be well prepared for the refurbishment of your IT-office 


If you work in the IT sector, remodelling the office can cause a lot of stress. Fortunately, when remodelling, the following applies: a strong start is half the battle. To make sure you don’t miss the most important steps, we have written them out for you below. 

  1. A strong financial plan

A renovation is expensive. Have you thought about how to finance it? You can ask a contractor for a rough estimate. Of course, you don’t want to spend too much on the renovation. Work with a tight budget to know exactly where you stand and what you can spend. 

2. Factor in unexpected costs

Besides a budget for the renovation, there will most likely be unexpected costs that you have to take into account. These could be bills from the municipality or the rental of a waste container, and these are not included in the contractor’s or supplier’s quote. Still, these costs can be very high. Therefore, always have a decent buffer for unexpected costs.

3. Find the right contractor

Are you planning to hire a contractor to handle the renovation? Then choose one who has good reviews, and choose someone you trust. Do you want to arrange your remodelling without a contractor? Then look for good professionals who are guaranteed to do the remodelling properly. 

4. Check out safety

Safety and fire prevention (in Dutch: brandpreventie) are very important during a renovation. After all, small mistakes can have large consequences, a fire for example. In addition, there are rules you need to follow. Are you simply changing the function of a room? Then you don’t need to worry about legislation. But if you are going to convert a building, it is important to pay attention. If welding is being carried out, for example, sparks could cause a fire. So always hire fire professionals (in Dutch: brandwacht huren) who know what they are doing.

In addition, you naturally want to comply with all safety laws. For many activities it is mandatory to hire a hot work assistant. Are you going to renovate an enclosed space for example? Then make sure a manhole guard is always present. 

5. Inform everyone 

Have you arranged finances, safety and permits? Then you can almost get started. However, you should first inform those around the office. After all, they will not be happy about the sawing and drilling. Inform them and reward them afterwards with flowers, chocolates or a bottle of wine. 

With the above steps, you will be all set for a smooth renovation. So you can be back online soon. Good luck!



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