5 Tips for Making Your Pinterest Ads Go Viral

5 Tips for Making Your Pinterest Ads Go Viral

Pinterest is a unique channel to marketers for many reasons. It’s extremely popular with wide audiences, but also has highly segmented markets with specific interests. It is also a highly engaging platform where ads often go viral. But, like most social media platforms, marketing and advertising is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. 

While things like Pinterest ad specs will differ from other social media platforms, a different approach is required to really make an impact. It’s not only the audience that is different, but also the algorithms that determine the placement and popularity of your pins and ads. Before we learn more about how to do just that, let’s begin with a brief definition. 

What is Pinterest?

On Pinterest, users post, or ‘pin,’ photos and videos to their themed boards or browse what other users have pinned. It is a social network for visual sharing and discovery. 

Social networks focus on a person’s lifestyle with a visual orientation, letting you share your interests and tastes with others and discover those with similar interests.

Tip 1 – Sign up for a Business Account

The best way to grow your brand on Pinterest is to switch from a personal to a business account if that’s your primary goal.

You can access several exclusive features when you switch from a personal to a business account on Pinterest, including:

Pinterest Advertising

This is Pinterest’s very own advertising feature, which works similarly to Facebook Ads and Google Ads. 

Pinterest Analytics

The Pinterest Analytics feature helps you engage your target audience by understanding them better. The key to viral ads is to resonate with your target audience, and the analytics tool makes this a breeze. 

Pinterest Business Hub

Business users can access a variety of business-related information through Pinterest Business Hub.

Pinterest Create

Creating pins and scheduling them for publication later is extremely helpful for businesses using Pinterest Create.

Tip 2 – Try Different Pins

Several types of pins are available on Pinterest, and each has its own benefit. Pinterest’s most popular pin types are:

  • Since 2021, Pinterest has been offering Idea pins similar to Stories, which are very popular on platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram.

  • Video pins – A video pin is similar to your regular Facebook or Instagram post but with a few enhancements.

  • Standard Pins – Pinterest’s original pin type, standard pins, remains relevant and popular after many years. Static images and external URL links are all that’s needed here.

Experimenting with all available pin types is essential to discover the one that works best for your brand. In addition, your brand’s Pinterest growth can be tracked using Pinterest Analytics.

Tip 3 – Always Use Natural Keywords

Your pins should always naturally include relevant keywords. For example, here’s how you could naturally have keywords in the description:

  • ‘Visit the link for yummy steak recipes. Find endless recipes for steaks to experiment with.’

If you stuff the keywords unnaturally, you might end up with the following:

  • ‘For more steak recipes and recipes for steaks, click this link.’

You should avoid this kind of keyword-stuffing practice. Your descriptions become challenging to read as a result. In addition, Pinterest’s algorithm detests pins with excessive keyword stuffing.

Tip 4 – Post Often Without Sacrificing Creativity

You’ll find this tip in every article that aims to educate readers about growing their brands using Pinterest marketing

There’s a good reason why you’ll see this tip everywhere: It’s effective. Your pins will be seen and liked more often if you keep your audience engaged.

On Pinterest, creativity is challenging because you have to create frequently and consistently. You might need help finding something that engages your audience if you run out of creative juices one day. Remember the following to make this a little easier:  

  • Utilize pin templates to your advantage

  • When you feel creatively inspired, create batches of content

  • Organize your schedule using a tool

Tip 5 – Use Growth Tools 

If you’re new to the platform, you will need help establishing your brand on Pinterest. Due to Pinterest’s long history and fierce competition, the platform is currently very competitive.

Growth tools can’t do everything for you, of course. You must ensure that your content is top-notch and optimized at all times. However, it can enhance your efforts and produce results quickly with a growth tool. You will see a dramatic increase in sales, engagement, and followers.

Pinterest is a highly interactive and popular tool, and as such, it can be a highly effective weapon in a marketer’s arsenal. 

Ensure that you understand the platform’s nature and remain true to your brand message to ensure the most effective marketing campaigns and ads. 

The built-in tools offered by Pinterest are also efficient, and you should include as many as possible to increase your chances of viral Pinterest ads. 


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