5 Tips To Reinvent Your Smart Apartment And Win

Smart Apartment

Living in a smart apartment comes with numerous perks. It gives you a level of control over your home that is unmatched. Imagine being able to set an appropriate temperature for your houseplants while on vacation in another state!

Another key advantage of smart homes is their increased energy efficiency, which saves you utility costs and has positive implications on environmental conservation. Smart homes also maximize home security by using motion detectors, smart locks, etc. The list of these benefits is too long to fit here.

In today’s feature, we’ve compiled several tried-and-tested tips you could use to reinvent your smart apartment.

Excited? Let’s dive straight in!

Smart locks

Smart security systems are an essential part of the royal worthington malvern pa smart home. It’s 2022. No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night to open the door when they could simply unlock it from an app on their phones.

That’s the beauty of smart locks. They allow you to control your door remotely and provide better home security management. These locks are connected to your WiFi or come with an app, thus sending notifications to your phone whenever someone puts in a wrong pin code.

Some smart locks also make it possible to provide new access codes when anyone needs to access the house in your absence. For example, if you’re away on vacation and need someone to clean up or water your plants, you can set up a one-time code for them. Doesn’t this sound way better than hiding your key in a ‘safe and secure’ spot?

Invest in smart air conditioning- Smart Apartment 

A smart air conditioner resembles a standard AC unit, the difference being that it connects to the home’s WiFi and other smart appliances. This makes it possible to control it remotely, giving you more control over your home’s temperature.

Since these air conditioners can be connected to Alexa and other smart home assistants, it’s easy to operate them using your voice. Talk of the ultimate convenience!

There are various types of smart air conditioners. Some are installed by the window, while others are portable, allowing you to go with them from one room to another. If you’re looking to set up a smart apartment, investing in smart air conditioning will be worth your while.

Want a self-cleaning house?

We can’t make this stuff up! When you’re working from home, the last thing you want to do is keep vacuuming your home. If you live in an incredibly windy area, you’ll notice that dust settles rather quickly, meaning you have to clean up every single day. If you have ample space to clean, then you know that this can get tiresome quickly.

Luckily, some smart companies have come up with handy robot vacuum cleaners that make it possible for you to clean floors without doing the work yourself. These devices are programmed to avoid corners and edges. When running out of battery, these devices go to the power source, charge, and return to the area they cleaned last. What!

Have you thought about smart furniture?

The most beautiful thing about smart homes is the endless possibilities they offer. Smart furniture makes a great addition to any home by offering functionality and convenience. There are various options, including recliners, beds, couches and more.

You could, for example, buy a smart coffee table that will help turn your living room into the ultimate party space. This table could have speakers, karaoke functionality, and plugs to charge your phones. Others come with Bluetooth connectivity and can connect to your TV, besides giving you the option of customizing the temperature in the storage drawers.

Another incredible piece of furniture you could go for is smart beds and smart mattresses. This is an effective way to take charge of your sleep cycle and customize your sleeping environment to your comfort.

For example, some allow you to change the temperature of your bed or set the massage option for when you’re trying to fall asleep. Sounds like something you’d like?

Put in some smart plugs

Smart plugs are the future. And no, we’re not being dramatic here. How often do you find yourself wondering whether you turned off the iron or the oven? Well, smart plugs will make that a problem of the past.

By installing smart plugs, you gain remote control over all your sockets and, by extension, the devices plugged into them. They come with an integrated app that you can use to switch them on and off remotely.

You could also set up a time frame in which specific sockets switch on and off. This will come in handy when you want lamps to go off after falling asleep or turning on right when you wake up. As we said, the possibilities are endless!

Alexa, turn off the lights!

We live in an incredibly bizarre reality. If Biblical Moses and his crew were to wake up and see automated water sprinklers do their thing, they’d be amazed. Yet the technological advances we’ve made are far more complex than that.

You can install cameras at your door to see what is going on around your home even when you’re away. You can buy a little robot vacuum that goes around the house picking up all the breadcrumbs your kids dropped. That’s wild.

Technology and real estate were bound to merge at some point, and now that they have, there’s no telling what the future holds.


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