5 Windows 11 Tips And Tricks You Should Know


In any windows there are many services that help to provide its different functions. Many know that each service consumes computer resources and also it could be disabled. But will it give a real increase in speed of Windows 11?

What services and features can be disabled in Windows 11?

Let`s make a review what we can disable in the system without any problems with Windows stability:

  1. Microsoft Defender.This antivirus is good for the system protection, but it consumes about 300-400 Mb of RAM. If you delete it completely you will have that memory. I want to recommend you an instruction how to do it. You can find it on the website about Windows 11 easywin.info.
  2. One Drive.You can delete it like any other program through the Apps settings.
  3. Windows Features(Windows search, Print to PDF, Subsystem for Linux, Fax, Work folder client). Disabling features is also available in the settings. You can choose features you don`t need and reduce the number of processes. 
  4. Appxs utilities. This is more complicated for disabling, but you can do this using a command prompt or special soft. Here is the list of such utilities: 
  • Advertising
  • Wallet
  • BingNews
  • GamingApp
  • OfficeHub
  • Xbox packages
  • People
  • MixedReality
  • XAML libraries
  • VCLibs
  • Microsoft Store
  • Maps
  • MS Paint
  • Weather
  • Sound Recorder
  • StickyNotes
  • 3dviewer
  • ScreenSketch
  • Skype
  • Zune video
  • Zune music
  • Solitaire collection
  • Windows calculator
  • GetHelp
  • Microsoft Todos
  • Windows Photos
  • MS Teams
  • and others

Some of these utilities could be useful to you, so you can decide worth it to diasble it.

  1. Services

In windows 11 you can find a special application “Services” where you can disable some of them (to do it in the properties click “Stop” and choose manual start). But after 4 steps we`ve dicsussed already I think there are nothing more to disable in this list. Many unusefull services will be disabled.

Is it worth to disable Windows 11 features and services?

There was a test providing by easywin.info website. And after deletion unnecessary programs, features and appx they calculted the effect. They disabled not all but only unneeded (antivirus was disabled).

After that windows 11 began to use 1100 MB less RAM. There are also fewer processes – 128 instead of 160. And this will definitely affect your PC productivity!

Test with a benchmark Cinebench R23 on a budget level PC showed a growth of productivity on 5%. If you have powerfull modern PC you will not see a differenсe. But if your PC lacks speed for example in games, this might be a good option. In any case you can try to speed up your Windows 11 and evaluate the result.


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