7 Digital Gift Ideas for Your Fanbase

Digital Gift Ideas

Whether you have a social media following or a loyal community on your blog, you can easily keep engaging with people by offering digital gifts. A great way to then promote this initiative is by creating fun and enticing photo collages with a free online collage maker. Click here to discover a range of templates that you can easily customize to suit your brand. Let’s see the digital gift ideas for your fanbase.

7 Digital Gift Ideas to Promote with your Free Online Collage Maker 

Only your creativity is your limit when it comes to online gift ideas whilst maximizing your collage maker. Although, here are some ideas to get you started:

1- Experience Gifts

With today’s increasing awareness of well-being and mental health, people are learning that happiness isn’t about collecting material goods. On the contrary, buying life experiences tends to increase positivity and decrease anxiety. This is partly because we’re creating happy memories and engaging with those around us when we do fun things. That’s why experience gifts can be highly engaging for your fanbase.

Can you imagine the beautiful photo collages you can create with various online experience gifts? You can easily create a series of photos of a skydiver, romantic dinner cruise, or exotic food tour. These images would then be uploaded into your free online collage maker so that you can edit and arrange them according to your preference. It really is as simple as choosing your collage templates for the perfect layout, adding your photos, and customizing anything you want. 

2- Discounted Event Tickets 

Depending on your business or social media page, you might be able to create online or physical events. These are powerful occasions to connect to your followers and learn more about them through their post-event feedback. Again, the more you create experiential events with a blend of colors, music, and new things to try out then the more likely people will be engaged. You’ll also be able to create awesome photo collages from these stunning and magical events.

3- Digital Gifts Cards 

Your fanbase will love you whether you have physical products to offer as gift cards or whether you just use Amazon. Once more, you can make some interesting photo collages blending your products or various Amazon offerings such as books or candles, for example. 

Personalized Photo Collages

4- Personalized Photo Collages 

Now that you’re using a collage maker, why not offer your skills to your fanbase? This could work very well if you make cake molds for example. That’s because you can create collages of people with the cakes they make using your molds. It’s the perfect way to show happy customers which then deepens the trust with your followers that your product is awesome. After all, it’s making so many people happy.

5- Online Classes 

Depending on your business or social media page, you might be able to offer online classes. These could range from anything such as yoga, music, or even languages. Of course, the more you can explain the link to your brand then the more likely people will remember what you offer. Make sure you use your collage maker to show learning something and use how happy they are. All this, thanks to your amazing brand.

6- eBook Subscription

Everyone can be a writer these days. Although, producing quality content is actually a good way to pitch yourself as a knowledge expert. Another great gift is therefore to offer a subscription to your ebook installments. Don’t give everything away at once. Instead, build it up with curiosity so that people follow your ebook to the end. Moreover, those special fans can get a subscription as a gift. This is another opportunity to both promote your ebook and to show how awesome you are by providing gifts. They’ll also love sharing with all their friends. All this is so easy to promote with just a few clicks on your collage maker and photo editor tools. 

7- Partnering with a Charitable Cause

These days, people want to feel that they belong to a community such that they’re actually doing something good for people and the world. Therefore, if you can connect a cause to your brand then you’ll find it easier to generate long-term loyalty. For example, what about adopting an elephant or supporting hungry children somewhere in South America or India on behalf of your brand? That kind of gift is priceless. You can also easily spread the word about your charitable actions with a beautiful photo collage.

Parting Words on Promoting your Digital Gifts with your Free Online Collage Maker 

If you’ve successfully built up a fanbase with your website and social media presence then you can’t just sit back. It’s very easy to lose people if you don’t keep engaging with them. That’s why digital gifts are so powerful. They’re also fun to promote with a collage maker. That way you also benefit from promoting your business at the same time as the digital gifts you’re offering or that people are buying for their friends. Either way, people are bound to remember your brand thanks to your eye-catching photo collages and your awesome digital gifts. 


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