7 Essential Features of Office Space Software

Office Space Software

As a business owner, you want to be in control in regards to office arrangement and how the space runs and looks. While hiring an office admin can be beneficial, you might want to consider a more effective and affordable solution. Just about every element in the office space is going digital, and you might need to invest in a platform that will allow you to plan out seating arrangements and book conference rooms. One very effective cloud-based facility management solution is the office space software which gives employees the tools they need to do all these functions. However, not every office space software is designed or works the same. 

Here is a list of seven key features you need to look out for in functional and reliable office space software.

1. Room Booking Feature

As you can expect, workplace meetings are very common, and staff often have to manually book the rooms beforehand to not miss out on available space. However, the manual process can all be a bit challenging as employees can book the same room for two different meetings simultaneously. 

But with the room booking feature, your employees can view what meeting rooms are empty, so they make the proper arrangements for their meetings.   

2. The Desk Booking Option 

Desk booking features allow for employees to choose seating arrangements. They can easily book where they would like to sit on an exact date. This way, employees collaborating on a project can easily huddle up together for better communication and increased efficiency. 

3. Reports and Analytics 

The first step to making wiser decisions for your organization entails knowing your workspace like the back of your hand! 

Office space software will provide you with detailed reports and high-value insights that shed light on how your employees use the workspace. This will enable you to make well-informed decisions regarding office management

4. Customized Floor Plans 

With office space software, you can see the exact layout of the workplace by creating an interactive representation of the workplace floor plans. Each employee’s online profile is visible, which means you can quickly tell which workstation is being occupied by which employee. 

5. Integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook 

Office space’s MS office and outlook integrations help a great deal when employees need to find their colleagues or places and tools that can help them be productive in whatever they are working on.

For instance, you can use office space software to prompt colleagues to attend meetings by inviting them through MS office’s online calendar.  

6. The Distancing Planner Option 

In a bid to mitigate the spread of COVID 19 in the workplace, office space software comes with a distancing planner that simplifies social distancing at work. The planner creates accurate, spaced-out gaps between employee sitting spaces.  

7. Online Access    

Office space software comes with internet access features that allow employees to use the software remotely from their mobile phones, tablets, or computers. They can book meeting rooms online without being physically at the office.

The Bottom Line 

The main aim in any office setup is to make the workspace more friendly for employees to work comfortably without any hassles. By giving the tools they need to focus on their work, employees are more likely to be effective and efficient in their output. Investing in office space software will enable you to do just that for the growth of your business.


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