7 Secrets About Online Ludo That Nobody Will Tell You

Secrets About Online Ludo

No matter how old you grow, childhood memories are also fresh in your mind. One such memory to be cherished is the game of ludo with siblings and friends. There is no age limit for playing ludo. So, you can enjoy yourself with your grandparents, parents, cousins, peers, and every other person you know. It is the specialty of the game. 

Though the busy personal and professional schedules did not allow people to play ludo for long, the pandemic has allowed them to sit and play the game with the family. Today, when people are locked inside and maintain social distancing, socializing with the family is best. And this is where the game of ludo comes into the scene. The game is not only available in its traditional form, but its online version is also gaining momentum.

Online gaming has become quite popular in a time when people are unable to meet their friends and family. Through the games, they connect. In fact, according to the Free Press Journal, online games help de-stress people during the times of Covid-19.

With online ludo, even if you stay away from your family or gang, you can unite with them virtually and begin the game online. However, there are certain things about ludo that you hardly know, and you might not come to know even if you keep playing the game too frequently.

Well, there are seven deep secrets about the game that nobody is going to tell you. But if you read through, you will get to know. 

Skill is important

If you think ludo is the game of luck, you need to rethink and change your misconception. Ludo is a game of skill. You should know how to make a move to win. If you are aware of the tricks, you are assured of winning. There are four pieces for four coloured houses, which you need to take from the starting zone to Home, one by one. If you are the first one to take all of them to Home, you win. It is the rule that almost everyone knows of. What they don’t know is to be skilled enough to understand and decide which piece to move when.

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Study the algorithm

Are you among those who think the online ludo dice, when thrown, displays a random number? If yes, you need to study the pattern. In the game of ludo, specifically the online mode, an algorithm is followed for the dice to display numbers in a peculiar pattern. If you are observant enough and alert, you will understand the way things work in online ludo. There is a specific pattern in which the numbers will get displayed. Though it is difficult to trace the algorithm, still, you can give it a try. 

Once you get the pattern, you can easily figure out the next number you or your opponent will get.

Get a chance to socialise

In the Covid-19 pandemic, it isn’t easy to have a gathering to play the game. People refrain from visiting each other’s places due to the social distancing norms. Through online ludo, the gangs unite and enjoy their time together virtually. As soon as you select “Play with Friends,” an online code is generated. You can share the code with the people you want to join the session. They all put the code in the text and connect through the device spread across at one server. 

You can ask three other friends to join the online ludo session and enjoy the game together with the gang. 

Apply effective strategies

As stated above, this game is not a game of luck. You have to plan and proceed. Applying and implementing strategies to win is a must. When you have just one token active, you have no other option but to move that very piece whenever your dice give you a number. On the other hand, if you have more than one or all the tokens out of the house, you must select which token you want to move. It is a crucial decision to make. Thus, you should check each of your tokens to find out which would be safe enough to be moved forward.

Be patient

It is recommended to you to be patient enough while making a move. Most of the time, the desired number leads to a hurried action, which ultimately results in the poorest move made by players. Thus, you should not rush. Instead, whether your dice turn a six or a one to you, be very careful while selecting the most suitable token to proceed with.

Time-bound game

In the traditional ludo game, you have had a lot of time to decide how to make a move. For online ludo, you will always have a time limit to decide your move. Yes, as soon as you get your number, you will get only a few seconds to make a move. If you miss it, the system will do it on your behalf. Thus, you have to keep a watch on the timer while playing. You should not miss your chance to make the desired move, or your system might move your token, which may not be your ideal desired action.

Cash prizes for winners

Last but not least, you might have a chance to win cash prizes if you have the skill to win the online ludo game. People might relate this feature of the game to luck, but it’s not so. You can win the game only if you are skilled enough to strategize the game the way you need to win.

As you know the seven deep secrets associated with the online ludo game, you can plan your next session with friends accordingly. Above everything mentioned above, the game also de-stresses you from the hectic work-from-home schedule. If you don’t believe it, try it for yourself. Various online gaming platforms are there to help you download the ludo app. So, do it now and start playing.

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