7 Types Of Dining Sets For Every Home Decor Style


Unless all your meals are eaten while curled up on a couch, then you’ll understand the importance of finding the perfect dining set for your home. 

Dining sets are a great way to add a touch of sophistication to your home. They come in various materials, from wood and metal to stone. You can also select the tables according to the various shapes and sizes available. And the best part is that you won’t have to compromise on style even if you have limited space or budget! 

We’ve collected some examples of different types of dining room sets below:

1. Rectangular Dining Set

The most popular shape for a dining room set is the classic rectangular shape that looks good in any home. Thanks to their length, rectangular tables are ideal for hosting large gatherings, making them perfect for larger families or those who have parties often. It’s also available in various widths to accommodate both wide and narrow rooms. 

Because many rectangular tables have leaves that can be taken off, they can be used for various events, from intimate family dinners to large holiday parties. Due to their popularity, more designs are available for rectangular tables than round or square tables.

Rectangular feasting tables are a well-known decision in lofts where they can accommodate a minimum of four people at a time. These can be paired with chairs of your choice that can be as comfortable and stylish as you want!

2. Traditional Oval Table

Oval dining room tables are timeless and stunning. They are a type of furniture that is frequently passed down through families, typically made of cherry wood or mahogany. Antique adaptations can usually be found at closeouts and domain deals, and new variants of this style are sold in furniture stores like B2C Furniture’s dining sets

Oval tables frequently accompany removable leaves, making them extremely viable since the size can be adjusted depending on the number of individuals you want to seat. In general, oval tables need a little bit more space than rectangular tables. The two sides are more linear, but the ends are rounded, making this table style a cross between a rectangle and a round design. 

Choose chairs with cove backs to keep the arcs that comprise an oval’s fluid dimension. An oval, like a rectangle, is a good choice if you’re after a long, narrow dining table. However, oval designs are typically on the larger side and are better suited to large dining rooms and spaces.

3. Trestle Dining Set

This practical set stands out from the other options thanks to the trestles that serve as a table base, supporting a long piece used as the table surface. It’s a very old design that works best in a casual setting.

4. Farmhouse Dining Table

As the name implies, farmhouse-style dining room tables are suitable for country-themed kitchens or dining rooms. They are typically made of pine, often with a rough-sawn or knotty surface, giving them a rustic vibe. 

So what makes it distinctly “farmhouse”? It’s all about the table’s legs. These usually have characteristic turned legs (the kind with multiple rounded edges), giving it a farmhouse or country feel.

5. Rustic Design

Recently, this design has gained a lot of popularity. The material is rough-hewn, but the design is sleek, modern, and typically rectangular. Slate and worn woods are also popular choices, as are rough natural designs. This often utilizes hickory wood, including hickory kitchen cabinets, which is well-known for its durability and great texture.

6. Modern Round Dining Table 

This design is excellent for intimate, modern dining spaces with limited room. It works well for anything from homes and offices to restaurants. Another advantage of the circular table design is that it allows everyone to interact effortlessly. The informal design encourages everyone to stay intimately close, whatever the size of the dinner party. 

However, a round dining table need not remain in the informal category; you can dress it up or down with any tablescape you choose. It’s ideal for a provincial wooden table with a contoured pedestal leg for an old-fashioned, country cottage feel or a stylish studio-type apartment.

7. Vintage Style 

Out of all the options, this may be one of the most expensive. When it comes to vintage dining sets, the devil is in the detail, so expect anything from hand-cut dovetails to wooden pegs that give the furniture an antique, retro feel. If you’re unsure how old your set is, look for stamps indicating when or where it was produced.

Dine With Style!

Hopefully, that sparked new ideas if you’re redecorating and trying to find the perfect dining set! Remember that a piece’s durability matters as much as the aesthetic! After all, you don’t want a dining set that’ll awkwardly stand out in your dining room, no matter how good quality it is. 

Different sets are designed to appeal to tastes that suit your distinct home décor style. So whether you’re looking for something more sleek and modern or traditional, there’s something for you.







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