7 Ways to Find Logo Inspiration for Your Business


Designing a company logo can be overwhelming, especially if you are starting a business and graphic design isn’t your specialty. However, the impact of a captivating logo is undeniable. If you are staring at a clean piece of paper or a blank computer screen, it might feel like your business is dying in front of your eyes as the minutes pass. If graphic design is a new concept to you, a logo maker is a great place to start.

With a logo maker, you can test different fonts, colors, images, and much more. However, you will still need to settle on one. As you focus on your brand identity and how to best communicate that to your target audience, here are seven ways to find logo inspiration for your business.

1. Go to an Art Gallery

If you are trying to activate your creative juices, it makes sense to visit a place that is full of creativity and inspiration. Local art galleries and museums feature numerous works that might generate a new perspective for your logo. Of course, we are not saying to steal another artist’s concept. Without stealing, you may find inspiration in a unique color combination or something else in one of the exhibits.

2. Walk Around Town

Whether you are in New York City or a rural Midwestern town, you are inundated by marketing tools. You may have blocked them out if the same image has been in the same location for years. Now is the time to take a fresh look at these images as if you are viewing them for the first time.

Stare at billboards for a couple of minutes. Look at different logos and messages on storefronts. Scan all of the logos and point-of-sale tactics near the cash register in these businesses. You never know where inspiration may strike, but it never will if you are ignoring all of the logos and designs around you.

3. Get Out of Town

If the marketing strategies and logos aren’t speaking to you in your home area, head out of town and get away from it all. Drive to a state park or travel to a hiking trail. Nature frequently inspires creativity, and reduced distractions may allow you to organize your thoughts. Soak in the quiet, look closely at nature’s unique contours, and breathe in the fresh air to invigorate your senses.

4. Look to the Past

What is old often becomes new again. There are countless ways to search for inspiration from past designers. You can look at old magazines and newspapers to see the creative design elements used in different eras. You can watch old television programs or game shows to see how products were marketed back then. Again, the idea is not to duplicate a design identically. It is to see if a color combination or image piques your interest as a starting point for your own logo.

5. Look to Today

If you don’t believe your inspiration is in the past, actively look for modern concepts that inspire you. Pinterest and Instagram are two popular apps to see various design ideas and font types. There are hundreds of others that provide a platform for small businesses and graphic designers to promote themselves or share their creative work.

6. Start With a Specific Color

One way to simplify the process is to eliminate one of the variables immediately. If you have a favorite color, start there. Put a big block of that color as the background, regardless of how that might change in the final product. (dth.com) Start to doodle or write a few words in that color. Something might click once you tangibly see it as opposed to forming the image in your mind.

7. Go to a Tattoo Parlor

Whether you have a tattoo or not, you have to admit the talent of some tattoo artists is off the charts. You might drop in if it looks like a place isn’t busy and see if they can spark some inspiration. Look at some of their unique designs or simply ask them where they find inspiration. Their answer might give you an idea you wouldn’t have found anywhere else.


Designing a logo presents a tough challenge for many business owners. Inspiration can strike in a variety of places, from the heart of town to miles outside of the city limits. Leave no stone unturned. Look to the past as well as the present. Go where you can find unique art, such as tattoo parlors and art galleries. Keep searching until you find what you are looking for because a great logo can catapult your business to new heights.


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