8 Advantages of Tabs for Gaming You Must Know

Tabs for Gaming

When it comes to gaming, devices like PS4, Xbox and Nintendo are pretty much unbeatable. However, there’s one alternative that you shouldn’t take lightly, namely tablets.

It’s just normal for avid gamers to own game consoles. As for those who aren’t that much dedicated, PC games are likely good enough for them. After that, there are also other options like Android tablets and smartphones. In this post, we will specifically talk about tablets and why they’re such great devices for online gaming. In case you don’t know, the reasons are as follows:

As you know, tablets usually come with large displays. Some are large enough to overwhelm your hands. It’s as if they’re trying to compete with laptops in terms of size. Such massive tablets are probably too big for comfortable gaming, while the smallest ones may not be great enough to handle heavy games you throw at them. That’s why the market provides a variety of size options to choose from, so that you can select the size that fits your hands.

Tablets are generally made to be bigger and more capable than smartphones. When you buy one, you get not only a big screen, but also a high resolution and better graphics. This combination can deliver a more immersive gaming experience than you would have on a smartphone. The vibrant display of a tablet will satisfy your eyes while playing the most exciting online game.

  • Many Options in Gaming

Tablets are available in different sizes and their technical specifications vary from one model to another. You can choose your device based on the brand you like. With so many products available, it’s easy to find one that suits your budget and needs. It’s also possible to upgrade your device in the near future within the same price thanks to the current market growth.

Many tablets these days have detachable keyboards to complement them. Some models also come with a stylus that makes them more compelling. A stylus can be useful when you play a game that’s designed to work with it. The small pen-shaped instrument will take your gaming experience to the next level.

  • Rotate Screen

Being able to rotate the screen is one of the conveniences you get when using a tablet. It allows you to play a game in portrait or landscape mode. Since there are smartphone-compatible games that support both of these modes, using a tablet will make gaming more fun than if you’re using a PC or laptop, which don’t provide the option to change the screen orientation.

  • More Gaming Compatibility

In terms of compatibility, tablets also have an edge, and of course we’re not just talking about Android. Because if you want to run Windows games, tablets can do it too. Simply buy a Windows tablet and you will get what you want. As for Mac OS games, they can also be played on iPads. These are great alternatives if Android isn’t your thing. As a comparison, you won’t enjoy support for Android games if your device is a computer.

  • Relatively Affordable

In general, tablets are more affordable than game consoles and computers. They can also potentially be a more valuable investment since you can get more use out of them, some of console can be used to play idn poker. A regular tablet starts at as low as $50. While a model this cheap may not be ideal for gaming, there are still many other options to choose from, which are more potent and capable.

The wide price range in the tablet market allows you to easily pick the device of your choice. If you want to spend less, you can go for the bare minimum. But if you’re willing to spend more, you can get more high tech to handle heavy gaming

  • Portable

Tablets are slim and light, allowing you to carry them anywhere. Of course laptops are also portable, but they need to be set up somewhere before use. Tablets, on the other hand, can be used immediately whenever and wherever you want.

  • Motion Detectors

One more advantage of tablets over PCs is that they are equipped with motion detectors. A lot of modern games are developed to work with these sensors. So if you prefer a PC over a tablet, you will miss the experience of enjoying the latest motion sensing games.

  • Battery Life

In terms of battery life, most tablets are superior to regular laptops. Moreover, tablet battery life is optimized to last long. Optimization can be further enhanced by installing apps such as Game Booster or Gaming Mode to save power while playing games. Brands like Samsung, Apple and Lenovo have several powerful models with large battery capacities. For example, the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro packs an enormous 10.200mAh battery. It also packs a nice processor and RAM, which makes it great for gaming.

How to Choose the Right Tablet for Gaming

It’s obvious that tablets – like smartphones and PCs – come in a wide variety of options. Some of them are designed to be more capable gaming devices than others. So you need to check the availability of certain features before buying one. Below are the minimum requirements that a gaming tablet must have:

  • 4 GB RAM or above
  • A quad-core processor (octa-core is much better)
  • 2 GHz or above CPU clock rate
  • At least a resolution of 1920×1200 for a 10-inch display
  • A minimum battery capacity of 5000mAh

You can always choose a tablet with specs that are inferior to what is listed above, but that also means you’re going for something that is below the minimum requirements to be a decent gaming device. Among the trusted models you can buy are Samsung Galaxy tabs, iPad, Lenovo and Microsoft Surface tabs.


In the age where portability gambling is increasingly becoming a necessity, PC games are becoming a bit obsolete. Some of the most powerful Android games such as s128 sites are so highly developed that they can make us forget the days we enjoyed playing games on our computer browsers. With this fact in mind, soon many gamers might leave laptops and switch to tablets.


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