9 Reasons Why PC Gaming Is Better Than Consoles

PC Gaming

There seems to be an ongoing debate between PC Gaming and Console Gaming. On one side of the coin, Console Gamers believe that since consoles are exclusively perfected for gaming, then there’s no doubt that it trumps over PC. On the flip side of the coin, PC Gamers believe that the practicality of it all is enough to prove that it’s the best. Well, we’re here to finally set this debate straight. Here are 9 reasons why PC gaming is better than consoles. 


First of all, PCs are incredibly versatile. Consoles are mainly built for limited functions – mainly revolving around gaming. While some consoles are now incorporating virtual exercise options to make it more interactive, it can still be pretty limiting for most users. 

On the other hand, PCs can be used for a lot of things. Once you’re done playing with your video game, you can use it for your research or send out emails. You can use it with various software that’s usually incompatible with consoles. And that’s why it’s more versatile. 

Settings Options

Another reason why PC gaming is better is that it offers more diverse settings options. 

While gamers can make settings adjustments with their consoles, the settings offered can only be minimal. A plethora of settings options are available when you’re playing on the PC, and you can make adjustments to help you improve your overall gaming performance

It’s also a lot easier to make adjustments on the PC since you’re not dependent on the controller’s limited movements.   

Improved Controls

Speaking of limited movements, a gaming PC offers improved controls. 

With a PC, there are so many ways to make your character move about. In the case of a shooter game, the mouse will even help you aim with unparalleled accuracy. That’s a lot harder to achieve if you have to play with a controller. 

While there are accessories that will help you improve your gaming while using a console, they’re often sold separately and are available at steep prices. 

Game Exclusivity

Admittedly, at the start of the gaming boom, consoles were all the rage. You had to have one to enjoy a game that’s exclusively their own. 

But with the turn of the decade and PC technology started to evolve, this sense of game exclusivity seems to have taken its turn as well. Games are now available across various devices – making them available for PC as well. It may even interest you to know that most games are now PC-exclusive.

Additionally, some hacks and cheats like Battlelog Hacks are only available for PC. These hacks can be especially helpful for beginners, so you might want to consider getting a PC to use them. 

No Need for a TV

Gaming PCs are often sold in a bundle that already includes a monitor. That’s not even an issue if you’re buying a gaming laptop. 

But, you can’t use a console without it being connected to a TV. This means that you have to check its compatibility with your current TV set and other similar factors. 

Also, that can be quite a headache to set up. 

Easier Upgrades

Once you notice that your PC starts to slow down, making upgrades won’t be a problem. Computer parts are easily available. These parts are also constantly upgraded by the manufacturers. That means you’ll always have the latest parts that could last you for a few years before another upgrade.

More Accessible

Similarly, gaming PCs are more accessible than consoles. While most of the big cities now have the latest versions of your favorite consoles, that is not the case for smaller towns in areas away from the metropolis. 

But for the PCs? They’re always available at their local computer stores. 

Free-to-Play Games

Another reason why we believe PC gaming is better is because of the free-to-play games. A lot of free-to-play games are available on the PC, so you don’t have to spend a fortune just to play a fun video game. That’s not the case at all for console gaming where you have to shell out hundreds of dollars to buy a gaming cartridge. For a student, that can be too much for your wallet.

Value for Money

And with all these reasons in mind, it’s easy to see that PCs offer better value for money than consoles. Not only are they generally more affordable, but the overall upkeep and upgrades are also easier on the budget. Games can even come free!

Despite its affordability, PC gaming still gives you the same level of fun and excitement similar to when you’re playing on a console. And that’s why we believe in PC Gaming supremacy. 


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