9 Steps to Become a Software Engineer/Developer

Steps Become Software Engineer

Technology and computing are a norm in our daily lives. Furthermore, the software development industry is rapidly growing with many software development companies in USA emerging and improving. This means that the need for software developers/engineers who can help handle computers, and the evolution and innovation of technology is increasing. Keep reading to find out who they are and the 9 Steps to Become a Software Engineer/Developer.

Who is a Software Engineer/Developer?

A software engineer is a person or a professional who applies the knowledge of principles of software engineering to design and develop computer systems and build software products. Therefore, whenever you use a webpage you get in touch with a software engineer’s work. There is an increasing number of software developers and professionals needed in this field.

Software Development Companies

Having known about software engineers, let us take a look at software development companies and what they do. Software development companies have the task of building software through processes such as identifying the need in the industry, designing a program, and testing how it works and how it can be used. Also, some of the tasks could include building websites. Notably, there are many software development companies in US that build apps, and advise clients concerning software packages. Some of the established software development companies in US include Microsoft, Adobe Systems, IndiaNIC, among many others. Therefore, if you want to work as a software developer in any software development company, what can you do?

9 Steps to Become a Software Engineer/Developer

A profession in software engineering is dynamic. As a software developer, you need to be ready to adapt to the changes in the information technology sector. If you are interested in this field and would like to become a software engineer/developer, you can follow the steps below;

  1. Set a goal in mind

Pursuing any career is never easy. You need to have in mind what you want to achieve at the end of all the pursuit. This is the case when you want to be a software developer too. When you set your mind ahead that you want to build a career out of software engineering, you will be motivated to work and push harder towards that goal no matter the challenges. Whether you want to eventually work with any software development companies in US or any other country, or becoming a good member of a team of software developers, always keep your goal fresh in your mind.

  1. Enroll in a software engineering program

Once you have your destination in mind, enroll in a software engineering program to gain the skills that are needed for this lucrative industry. Importantly, whether you are a newbie or have a background in technology, it doesn’t matter; most programs start with the basics of software engineering. In this way, the foundation is built. You get to learn the coding language and the skills in programming. With time, you get to pursue advanced courses to help you get deeper into the software engineering world.

  1. Gain experience

Having learned the basics, skills and gotten advanced in software engineering, you need to get the chance to exercise whatever you have learned and put them into action. You can gain experience through internships which also help you build your resume. In some cases, these internships can also offer you a job when you are done with your degree.  You can get an internship in an area of interest such as the healthcare sector, marketing, or banking.

  1. Specialize

Software development has fields attached to it. Therefore, you can select one which you can specialize in. You can either choose to direct your focus on applications software that involves games, word processors, and other apps. On the other hand, you can opt for computer systems software that involves the computer operating systems. Therefore, select an area of interest and work on it.

  1. Advance your education

Do not be comfortable with your degree in software development alone. Get out there and learn other things. You can pursue industry certifications. An example is Microsoft  Certified Solutions Developer which helps advance your career in software engineering. Moreover, you can pursue a master’s degree for you to get advanced roles in the field and career. This degree will help you acquire managerial and leadership skills.

  1. Read other experienced developer’s codes

When you want to be a software developer, you can do yourself good by reading other developer’s codes. When you learn this, you can understand how certain programs work. The good thing is that there are sites that avail this to you, such as GitHub. Visit such sites to expand your knowledge of software.

  1. Surround yourself with a group of software engineers

Having a group of people with the same interests and ideas around you is one way of achieving what you want. Therefore, you can join a group of other software developers to get the support needed to pursue and build your career. You can get these professionals on sites such as Meetup.

  1. Build your projects

Once you select a programming language you are conversant with, build your projects around the same. This will help you learn more about the subject and build your career network too. Therefore, don’t be scared to practice what you learn by knowing how to code and developing your projects.

  1. Step out for the job

With the knowledge in software engineering, you think of how you can get yourself in the job market. Get ready for those interviews by developing your resume. Additionally, your cover letter and online presence go along way. Make them as good as you can to attract the needed attention. With these details, you are ready for the interview which ranges from those done online, conducted over the phone, and those conducted on the sites. When the job offers are out, choose the one that will help grow your career as a software engineer.


The dynamic technology needs professionals who are ready to adapt to the changes and offer support where need be. Therefore, the services of software developers are continually growing and are still appreciated in the computing world. The steps that an individual can take to make it to a software developer are well discussed in the article.


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