Teamviewer and its alternatives for beneficial functionalities


TeamViewer was the primary remote management software and was used as a viable IT solution for years. However, several business owners complained about the fact that TeamViewer was expensive and could easily be hacked. This is why many people are now looking for programs that are more secure but work just as well as TeamViewer.

While TeamViewer is still a practical solution with lots of beneficial functionalities, it’s best for your IT team to consider all remote desktop options before making a final decision. Here are some TeamViewer alternative options you may want to consider.

Dameware Remote Everywhere

This software offers remote desktop support for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows computers. Dameware has been deemed one of the strongest remote management software solutions on the market these days. This program is especially beneficial for Windows, since it allows admins to add users with the Active Directory and grant them certain permissions by way of the AD management tool. You can reboot frozen or sleeping computers remotely, chat with other users, and use the one-click feature to take screenshots on remote devices.

Dameware is also a cloud-based solution and is easy to use. It’s not a free TeamViewer substitute but it often works better than TeamViewer for most users.


Mikogo is a reliable alternative to TeamViewer and you can access it directly with most operating systems whether you’re working from a desktop, tablet, laptop, or smartphone. A team of up to 25 people can use a computer at one time, and admin persmissions can easily be swapped to another users. Mikogo also has all the standard features you expect from online meeting software such as whiteboard functionality, a recording tool, and text chatting.

Mikogo is a viable alternative to TeamViewer but it’s not free. Single users can use the app for free during a 14-day trial. After the trial is up, users have to pay $48 a month for five single-user licenses. However, it’s worth the price if you need a remote desktop program with high security.


If you’re looking for payment flexibility, you may want to consider Splashtop. This is a remote desktop solution that provides both free and paid remote desktop solutions. Splashtop is supported by Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, along with iOS and Android. If you’re concerned about security, Splashtop provides several levels of data encryption. This software is low-latency and is a great option for your team if you do lots of audio or video streaming. Splashtop is easy to use and it’s compatible with smartphones which makes it especially convenient.

If you’re using Splashtop as an individual, the software is free. For every team member who is also using the software, you’ll pay $60 per year. It’s a little complicated to install so make sure your IT team is familiar with Splashtop before you purchase it.

These alternatives to TeamViewer can give you the flexibility and security you need to send confidential company information and collaborate with your team so you can move your business forward.


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