Animated explainer videos: fun educational solutions for kids


Animated explainer videos are a great way to teach children about almost any subject. They can be used for everything from explaining how to build a fort with your friends, to showing them how the human body works.

Using animated explainer videos as an educational tool is a great way to get children excited about learning new things — especially if they’re learning at home or in school. The best part is that these kinds of videos don’t have to be expensive or difficult to create! You’ll just need a few basic supplies and some time on your hands!

The Power of Educational Videos for Children

With the prevalence of online video streaming, watching videos has become one of the most common ways for kids to learn. If you want your child to get a good education, animated explainer videos are an excellent way to accomplish this goal.

The benefits of using animated explainer videos for children:

  • They’re more engaging than reading or listening alone because they combine the two! While reading may be necessary for some subjects and can be helpful in others, it doesn’t hold a candle when compared with watching an entertaining video that explains concepts through creative storytelling. This makes it easier for kids’ brains (and parents’) to retain information long enough so that they can apply it later on down the line when needed.
  • Children’s educational videos are easier to perceive than reading or listening alone because again: combining two modes into one means less strain on both parties involved! Kids who struggle with learning could benefit greatly from having these kinds of resources at their disposal. They provide additional context which helps them follow along without getting lost along those tricky twists & turns found within each sentence’s structure.
  • Videos are more memorable than text alone for obvious reasons; seeing something happen rather than just hearing about it helps cement those ideas into our minds better than words ever could do alone.
  • Kids love watching videos instead of studying boring textbooks which means if we want our children’s attention spans back after school hours end then we need something interesting enough to keep them engaged throughout all hours. Until bedtime rolls around again too:)

What Are Animated Explainer Videos for Kids?

Explainer videos are a fun way to educate kids. Animated explainer videos are an effective way to teach kids. Animated explainer videos have been proven to be a great educational tool for children, especially when it comes to learning something new or understanding something complex.

Animated explainer videos can help children learn about everything from history and science, through math and music theory all the way up to art history (and beyond). They’re also great at explaining complex concepts like global warming and biodiversity conservation!

Benefits of Using Animated Explainer Videos in Children’s Education

Animated explainer videos are a great tool for teaching kids. Using an animated explainer video allows you to teach any subject in a fun and engaging way, so you can use them in any classroom.

Animated explainer videos have been proven to be more effective than other methods of education because they engage students’ attention much better than static images or text alone.

In fact, studies show that people remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they hear or read! This makes sense when you think about it: when we see something happen on screen with our own eyes, we are able to visualize it much more easily than if someone told us about it or wrote about it in a book (or even if there was just an image).

Effective Distribution Strategies for Children’s Educational Videos

  • Distribute videos on social media. If your kids’ educational video is short and sweet, it’s a good idea to share it on Facebook and Twitter. This will increase the chances that people will watch the video, but don’t forget about other platforms like Instagram or Pinterest where you might find an audience as well!
  • Use a video platform like YouTube or Vimeo. If your goal is simply to get as many views as possible, consider uploading your animated explainer video onto one of these platforms (or both). You’ll be able to share directly from your computer screen into these sites no need for additional software or editing skills!
  • Use a sharing site like TeacherTube: This is another great way to reach teachers who are looking for new ways to teach their students; however, keep in mind that some schools may block access due to its educational nature.”

Business Explainer Video Templates for Kids’ Education

Explainer videos are an invaluable tool for making complex business concepts accessible and engaging. These videos also serve as an effective educational resource for children, covering a wide array of subjects such as science, mathematics, history, and literature.

When it comes to crafting educational content for kids, one convenient option is to utilize business explainer video templates. These templates offer ready-made animations and voiceovers, streamlining the video creation process. All you need to contribute is the text for your script. This approach simplifies the task of creating engaging and informative educational videos for children.

Another alternative is live-action explainer videos. These involve on-location shooting, typically at a studio near your area, and may require talented actors capable of effectively delivering educational content.


In conclusion, animated explainer videos are a great way to educate children. They are more engaging than traditional educational materials and allow children to learn in a fun way that doesn’t feel like work. These videos can be used at home or in school settings by teachers who want their students to learn more about topics such as science or history without having to read from textbooks all day long!



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