APK Apps: Advantages and Risks using it

APK Apps Advantages

The term APK is a short-form of Android Application Package, a term that should be familiar to almost all Android users worldwide. It simply refers to a package file used by Android operating systems to distribute and install different apps. They work in a similar fashion to .exe files found in windows, as it is used by Android devices to install any software. Here are APK Apps: Advantages and Risks using it.

APK files have the necessary components that a software needs to install and function properly. These files include the .dex files, certificates, the manifest and the app assets. All these resources are compiled and packaged into one, comprehensive APK file.

An APK file functions in a similar fashion to a zip file. They usually come with the characteristic .apk file extension. Most Android devices cannot readily install APK files from outside sources due to security concerns. However, this feature can be enabled if one simply goes to the device’s security settings and change it from there.

Advantages of using an APK file

  • To get new applications: APK files are commonly sought after when new applications on the market are leaked ahead of their official release date. They are thus available for free as APK files on various forums or websites. Installing these files allow android users to access an app before it is publicly available on Play Store
  • Unavailability of apps: In certain instances, apps such as brokers and trading platforms, the services are not available in the user’s country of residence either due to legal limitations or some other reason. Thus, they are unable to download the app from the official Play Store.  For instance, apps dealing with Binary Options trading are outlawed or restricted in many countries, making it unavailable or illegal for someone to download it from Play Store. A very good example will be IQ Option, which is famous for providing CFD and Options trading. This is why IQ Option offers an APK App. Such users, who are not restricted by any other law, but are barred from downloading it from the Play Store can simply go ahead and download the IQ Option APK File, which can be found at the broker’s official website.
  • Bypass carriers: APK files also allow users to bypass carriers and procure the latest Google Updates. This is due to the fact that Google updates are available only as an Over the Air release and thus can take a while to be fully available.  By choosing APK files, users can stop wasting time and directly download the file.

Disadvantages of using APK Files

  • Untrusted sources: Simply downloading and installing an APK file is pretty straightforward and easy. However, the source of the said file may not always be from a trusted source. Thus, one must remain vigilante when searching for such apps and downloading them. For instance, it may be a stolen or pirated app that can land someone using it into legal trouble.
  • Pirated app: Continuing from the above point, piracy is outlawed by the law in almost all countries. Conduct due diligence before choosing a source for downloading. Always read the fine print or one might just land oneself in trouble.
  • Malicious software: There are some sources on the internet which offer apk files but also include some form of malicious software along with the installation. Such software can seriously damage your device by compromising phone security and stealing critical personal data.
  • Used by hackers: There have been instances where hackers have modified APK files and added extra permissions which users might not realise at first. Novice or unsuspecting users may install them unknowingly and transfer delicate information to third parties without even being aware of it.

Why does IQ Option have a separate APK App?

As mentioned before, IQ Option is reputed broker that offers trading services in favourable trading conditions. It is also a binary options broker. Eagle-eyed users of IQ Option will see that the broker has an APK file available for download in their official website. This is since the official android mobile app from IQ Option, which is available in Google Play, does not allow binary option trading, due to some legal restrictions in place. Therefore, the IQ Option APK App exists. By downloading the APK app, traders who want to trade binary options can do so with ease without having to go through Google’s Play Store.


Apk files serve as a great advantage for many users who are either restricted or limited by rules or legal loopholes. However, one should also look towards the selection of APK files from the right source to ensure they are not downloading it from a dubious or suspicious source. APK files have also helped users of brokers such as IQ Option to enjoy binary option trading no matter where they are located.


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