Apps That Are Great for Your MacBook in 2022

MacBook in 2022

If you are lucky enough to own one of the latest MacBook in 2022 on the market, you will know that the perks go way beyond better battery life, and performance. The applications that you can use are also more technically innovated, to suit the level of performance that your laptop operates on. With many work employees moving towards home office, it makes every sense that being more productive, also depends on the level and quality of applications that you can use. Some of the best Mac apps are designed with the user in mind and can certainly make your work day-to-day activities way more tolerable.

The latest MacBook’s have shown to be exceptional when it comes to performing on gambling and casino sites. Some of the most loved games such as the different roulette types, appear visually better than they have ever been-especially if you are lucky enough to have the latest M1 MacBook in 2022 for example. So, it is not just the working life that gets enhanced by you having the best computer systems on the market such as Apple Macbook in 2022, it’s your gaming experiences too, that get that little boost! (

Pixelmator Pro

Calling all photography enthusiasts, this application puts competitors such as Adobe Photoshop, to the side lines. Especially as Adobe is not so cheap in the first place. Pixelmator Pro operates on a very affordable subscription basis. At just $9.99 a month, you can have all the best editing privileges, in addition to using a host of new features on the market that will allow you to really enhance graphical designs and not just photos. Nice!


Spark is another great application, and this time it is more administrative. To its core, it is an email application, however there is so much more to it, than just operating emails. It offers an amazingly fast UI, which is perfect for sorting through large email folders (especially if you have more than one). Additionally, you can integrate it nicely with project management tools and content management systems such as Trello, Asana, Zoom and so on. So, it is not just an Apple only kind of application, it’s versatile, and can adapt to anything you put it forward to.

Daisy Disk

This application is probably a little less do and a little more say. What we mean by this is, it is not a content management system per se, but it helps you manage your overall memory and storage of your laptop overall. We have all been there, where a few years down the line we are faced with the annoying notification telling us our memories are full and we need to prioritise everything on there better. This app breaks down all your stored files and categorises them into more manageable labels, to make it easier for you to narrow down your selections to more than just a size basis. Sure, there is a similar thing on the MacBook itself, but it is nowhere near as visual and pretty, and that is why we favour this one overall. Buy it for a one-time fee of $10, and it’s yours for good!


Possibly a nightmare of many-keeping track of your passwords. 1Password is a great application for those who do not like to write down each password they have within a little agenda book. First it is not safe to do so, and second, it’s still not efficient really, is it? The deep integration within this application will allow you to generate passwords for all your accounts, and with just a one-stop system that is two-factor authenticated, you can manage your entire virtual life over the internet. 

Users can purchase this for an annual subscription of $36.99, however if there is more than one person using this application e.g., family household, the combined price is $60 and allows the option to share family accounts and passwords in between accounts. So, your Netflix and Prime accounts are pretty much sorted!


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