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Sandy is a passionate Blogger and Web developer from Kolkata, India. He has years of experience of writing tech contents and solving various tech problems. Along with blogging, Sandy loves to watching movies and riding motorcycles.
google play store error 194

How to Fix Google Play Store Error 194 in 2023

Google Play Store is the official app store for Android devices. However, sometimes, Android users might face different errors while downloading an app or...
cancel lifetime fitness

How to Cancel Lifetime Fitness Membership in 2023

Lifetime Fitness is a popular subscription or membership-based health club chain in the USA and Canada. You can visit their gym, take part in...
netflix code 17377

How to Fix Netflix Error Code 17377 in 2023

Are you getting error code 17377 while watching your favorite movie or series on Netflix? Well, if yes, then you are not alone in...
how to delete pixiv account

How to Delete Your Pixiv Account in 2023

Pixiv is an online community for artist who wants to share their artworks and creative ideas with the world. Although Pixiv is based in...
how to delete wizz account

How to Delete Your Wizz Account in 2023

Wizz is a social media app where you can meet new people and chat with them. However, if you are already a Wizz user,...
blink camera blinking green

How to Fix Blink Camera Blinking Green in 2023

Is your Blink camera sync module blinking a green light? If yes, and you want to fix this issue with your Blink camera, then...
disney plus error code 9

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 9 in 2023

Disney Plus is a popular streaming platform worldwide where you can watch various movies and TV shows. However, sometimes, Disney Plus users might get...
hulu switch profile error

How to Fix Hulu Switch Profile Error in 2023

Hulu is a popular platform for watching movies and TV shows. For user convenience, Hulu allows users to create new profiles that help multiple...
cancel panera subscription

How to Cancel Panera Subscription in 2023

Panera Bread is a popular US based fast food chain restaurant where you can get bakery items and various drinks. They have their branches...
how to unpin ai on snapchat

How to Unpin My AI on Snapchat Easily in 2023

Considering the trend of AI chatbots nowadays, Snapchat has added a new feature to their app that allows users to interact with the chatbot...
Cash App Domain Error 503

How to Fix Cash App Domain Error 503 in 2023

Are you getting domain error 503 while transferring money using the Cash App? If yes, and you want to fix this issue, then you...
paramount plus error code 6040

How to Fix Paramount Plus Error Code 6040 in 2023

Are you getting error code 6040 while watching Paramount Plus on your Android TV or Firestick? If yes, and you want to fix this...
how to cancel dazn subscription

How to Cancel Dazn Subscription in 2023

Dazn is a popular subscription based streaming platform where you can stream your favorite sports related content. You need an active subscription to watch...
tiktok server is currently unavailable

How to Fix Server is Currently Unavailable Error on TikTok in 2023

Have you experienced server is currently unavailable error on Tiktok and looking for a way to fix it? If yes, then you just have...
ticketmaster error code u521

How to Fix Ticketmaster Error Code U521 in 2023

Are you facing a U521 error code while booking a ticket on the Ticketmaster app or their website? If yes, and you want to...