Benefits of appearing in class 8 maths Olympiad

class 8 maths Olympiad

Olympiads are a very important part of every student’s life. Olympiads teach a lot of important values to the students and make them ready for their future endeavours. Olympiads help students increase their cognitive as well as analytical skills. When participating in Olympiads, students learn a lot about time management and planning as they must plan their whole study routine and must train themselves to solve the problems in a limited frame of time. Olympiads are the challenge that should be taken up by every student to grow as a student and take the first step to be a model student. Students are hugely benefited by participating in Olympiads as it develops skills in them that will help them in the long run and will also give them a fighting chance in this competitive world. Some benefits of participating in class 8 maths Olympiad are:

  1. In today’s corporate world maths must be known by any professional. It doesn’t matter what profession a student plans to take up in the future or which stream they are from. Every student needs to have a stronghold on maths to fit into the corporate world in today’s scenario. Participating in the maths Olympiad will give them a stronghold on the subject and will clear their concepts in the subject of maths.
  2. Math Olympiads teach the students the art of time management. While giving the Olympiads, every student must give all the answers that they can answer within a short amount of time. Due to this, they must learn to manage their time so that they can complete their paper on time. The skill of time management is required a lot in today’s world as work for every individual is abundant and time is limited. In this limited-time people must find time not only for their work but also for themselves and their families. Time management plays a very big role in maintaining the work-life balance for individuals.
  3. Preparation for class 8 maths Olympiad teaches us how to plan and the very importance of planning. Students plan as to how they will approach their preparation and make a routine. This routine along with their action plan for the exams keeps them consistent. They set up timelines for the courses they want to cover and then set up goals that they want to achieve within some time limits. They make a blueprint to their success for the Olympiads. The execution of this blueprint gives them a good rank in the Olympiads. Planning is a very important skill in this fast-paced life and Olympiads teach the students how to plan and the importance of that.
  4. Being proactive is something that many students in today’s world are not. But it’s a sure thing that students who excel in Math Olympiads are proactive involuntarily. Students solve various question banks, previous year papers like Class 8 IMO Question Paper 2014 and give the mock tests to get them ready for the exam conditions. The students analyse what they need to do and execute their plan on the day it needs to be executed. The importance of class 8 maths Olympiad makes the students hungry for success and that feeling makes them do things on time. The students are always on schedule and do not cut any slack. This ingrains inside them the habit of being proactive.
  5. The competition in the Math Olympiad is cutthroat. Even the difference of 1 mark can put hundreds of people between 2 people. The students need to get used to getting competition as the competition for getting into colleges is even more cutthroat than this. Participating in Math Olympiads will give them the experience of competing with a huge number of students from all over the world. Competition and difficult situations will teach a lot about themselves and their capabilities. The journey of Olympiads can also transition to be a journey of self-discovery. Students can never know their true potential and their true position among their competition unless they compete, and the math Olympiads gives them this opportunity.
  6. The preparation is very stressful and the journey of preparing for Olympiads is difficult especially considering the pressure that these young kids are being subjected to. The Math Olympiad can give a student traits like determination, perseverance, never give up attitude and the ability to work 

efficiently. The personality with these attributes will always be prone to success and will be noticed wherever they go. The ability to handle stress is incorporated in these kids at a very young age which helps them in being multitaskers and accomplishing a lot of things in their life simultaneously. The ability to multitask is very rare and this quality separates the students that appear for math Olympiads from the normal population.

7. The Math Olympiad is a highly conceptual test and to crack this test students have to go into the details of the subject and understand why something is happening. The students that appear for Olympiads develop a habit of going into detail for any work that they take up. Thus, an eye for detail is a very useful trait to have as it can make the students great learners and these students turn out to be very knowledgeable individuals as they go into the depth of the subject and understand it. Hence, the knowledge that they possess in any field cannot be challenged as they understand it in detail and hence can never forget it.

The Math Olympiad is not just a test but is also a great teacher. Candidates learn a lot about themselves and develop a lot of desirable skills on the journey to cracking these Olympiads. Of course, the space at the destination is very limited but one thing that can be promised is that on the other side of the Olympiad preparation is a student who has improved immensely and has developed skills that cannot be taught in any coursework But only learnt through experience. Best of luck.



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