The Best Android Entertainment Apps for a Long Car Ride

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Are you looking for a way to entertain the kids during your next long road trip? Do you wish there were a way to make the ride more enjoyable (and peaceful) for everyone in the car? If so, then take advantage of technology with some of the best Android entertainment apps available.

Apps can be a saving grace during those long drives during the night or while driving through states with no scenery to behold—we’re looking at you, Kansas.

See below for an in-depth list of amazing entertainment apps that all you savvy Android users can enjoy to make the long road trip more fun.

1. Pokémon Go

If your children are already avid Pokemon fans, then this app is a slam dunk for your long car rides. Even if they aren’t parents and kids of all ages will enjoy the thrill of the hunt behind this incredible phone app.

If you’ve never played it before, it’s a GPS-centered game that uses your location to play. Depending on where you are, there are different Pokemon that will pop up. Once you find them, you catch them!

It’s perfect for entertainment for the entire ride. Whenever you guys take a rest at a rest stop, you can pull out your phones to see what Pokemon are hanging around, then try to catch them. Once you’re back on the road, you can compare the different Pokemon that you each caught.

There’s also a trading feature, so whenever you guys are in motion, you can trade with each other to expand your Pokedex.

You can also create a fun game while you’re in motion. Whenever you see a landmark coming up, you will each try to catch the pokemon when they pop up and almost instantaneously disappear. It’s sure to create fun competition and bring plenty of smiles!

2. Spotify

Good ole Spotify. It’s free, it’s fun, and it’s fantastic! You and your family can find playlists that you love, then have your own karaoke session in the car. If you’re driving by yourself, then you can sing your heart out without anyone else judging you.

You can also listen to podcasts on Spotify, which are sure to give you hours of fun. Most podcasts are around an hour or so, if not longer. Queue up 3 or 4 of those bad boys and that’s already 4 to 5 hours of entertainment, right there!

Spotify can be used on any Android phone or tablet, so you can make sure to pack a device for all of the kids, even if they don’t have phones.

Even if you don’t pay for Spotify, you can still create awesome playlists for free. You can edit the entire playlist to include your own title and songs. Just hook it up to your Android auto wireless and sing away!

The best part? Spotify will do what Spotify does: recommend similar artists for you and your family to enjoy. What better way to spend a long car ride than branching out your music tastes and discovering new artists, albums, and songs for you to enjoy along the ride?

3. Netflix

If you’ve somehow never used or tried the Netflix app for yourself, then you definitely should during your next long car ride. It offers a plethora of different movies and TV shows for you to choose from.

You can either choose to binge-watch some of your favorite shows/movies during the entirety of the right or pick up a new show to watch. No matter what you choose, the content on Netflix promises to deliver and keep you entertained!

For those of you worried about the data usage during the car ride, have no fear! Netflix allows you to download up to 3 or 4 shows/movies that you can then watch without any WiFi service. They offer a good amount of programs to download from, but it isn’t their entire library.

If you have young ones in the car, then you can use the kids’ channel to keep them happy for a few hours while you get hundreds of miles under you.

4. Puzzles and Dragons

We get it. You want to keep your kids entertained, but you don’t want them to just be playing mindless games for hours on end. Puzzles and Dragons might be a fair compromise for you both.

The game itself works a lot like Pokemon. You build a team of different monsters and dragons, then go walking through caverns and forests fighting other teams.

As the name of the game would imply, you have to complete puzzles to attack. It’s a great way to keep yourself or your kids occupied and focused.

5. Baseball Boy

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the Baseball Boy app, which requires almost no thought or attention to play.

All you have to do is click to pick the power and the direction in which you hit the ball, then the app does the rest. The point of this game is just to see how far you can help the Baseball boy hit the ball.

The ball goes sailing across town, the desert, the river, the hills, and more. You work on getting enough points to improve your power, ball bounce rate, time, offline earnings, etc. One of you take a turn playing, then pass it around to someone else to see if they can beat you.

Download These Entertainment Apps Before the Big Drive

Long road trips can always be a bore, but thankfully these entertainment apps for Android devices listed above can help you pass the time.

Think about yourself and the people you’re traveling with. What would they enjoy? Which apps will you all have fun with together?

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on car ride entertainment, as well as many other helpful topics.


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