Beyond Gaming: Exploring Non-Gaming Content on Twitch


Do you think is Twitch only for gaming? While it initially started as a platform for gaming and esports enthusiasts, the demand for diverse forms of entertainment during the pandemic has led to a surge of non-gaming content and channels. This shift has also caught the attention of brands outside the gaming industry, as they realize the potential for highly engaged audiences and unique brand experiences through live video content on Twitch. In fact, the amount of Twitch non-gaming content has reached a huge size, and if you only use the service to watch game streams, you are missing out on a lot. Here is a list of interesting and popular categories, as well as the leaders in them, which will reveal Twitch to you from the other side.

What content is not allowed on Twitch?

There is content on Twitch that moderators quickly remove. To prevent your channel from being blocked, you should find out about it. Here are the main things that are banned on Twitch:

  • Disclose personal information;
  • It is not flattering to speak in favor of social minorities;
  • Adult content;
  • Promote other accounts;
  • Content with copyright;
  • Broadcast beta versions of games;
  • spam;
  • Discussing pay-per-views;
  • Requiring gifts.

What can I do on Twitch other than gaming?

Discover more than just gaming on Twitch. Non-gaming channels like Just Chatting and Music & Performing Arts are gaining traction among viewers. Just Chatting accounts for 12% of Twitch streams and was the most-watched category in 2020 with 754 million hours watched in Q1 2021. Streamers are exploring new ways to connect and engage with fans beyond gaming, leading to more opportunities for audience interaction and devoted followings. With pandemic restrictions limiting in-person events, the Music category on Twitch has become a virtual stage for live performances. Let’s see how do you make money on Twitch without playing games because you have a choice!

#1 Just Chatting

Just Chatting is one of the most popular categories on Twitch, thanks to its versatility. Streamers use it to chat with their audience, whether it’s at the start of a stream, during a break, or for an entire session. The category emphasizes conversations between streamers and their audience, but it can also work for reaction streams. It’s perfect for casual hangouts with your chat, as there are endless possibilities of entertaining activities to do. You could even take a quiz with your audience and discuss the results.

You can use all devices to watch Twitch: TV, PC, tablets, game consoles, smartphones, etc. To safely switch between them, you need to configure VPN on the router so that all devices are protected. You can find instructions on how to set up VPN on the router on the VeePN website. Setting up VPN on the router may even require installing a new firmware on the router, it all depends on the device model. This is a good option also because this VPN has a free trial version. Once you set up a Chrome free VPN, you can connect to it automatically as soon as your device connects to your router.

#2 Food & Drink

Looking to spice up your broadcasts and engage with your audience? Consider diving into the Food & Drink category! Showcase your culinary expertise and connect with viewers over the universal love of food. Don’t be afraid to put your cooking skills on display, as this category attracts a diverse crowd eager for something different from the typical gaming streams.

Pokimane is originally a game streamer, but she made a career for herself for food sfet. Discover the simplicity of preparing Nissin Cup Noodles as shown by Pokimane, a popular Twitch streamer with over 9 million followers. During her game stream with 11,000 viewers, she highlighted how easy it is to make this delicious meal. By associating with the streamer’s community, the brand has gained a wider audience and potential new customers, making it a savvy marketing move.

Here are a few streamers who are more active in their food and drink channels: 김도, ArrozyDesgracias, aldo_geo.

#3 Music

If you’re a musician looking to showcase your talents and connect with your audience in a personal concert-like setting, Twitch’s Music category is the perfect platform for you. While all genres of music are represented, you can make your stream stand out by using relevant tags such as “electronic music.” With the ability to interact with your audience and take requests, you can create a unique and unforgettable experience for your viewers.

Looking for an electrifying music streaming experience? Look no further than one of the hottest channels on Twitch! In 2022, this channel skyrocketed to the top of the charts thanks to its high-energy sets and cutting-edge use of technology. Plus, with free streams available 24/7, there’s no need to spend time curating playlists or scrolling through YouTube. Tune in and never miss a beat.

Discover Sintica, the live electronic music performer and DJ who’s captured the hearts of many on the platform. Known for her dynamic sets that cover a wide range of genres, Sintica is a star at engaging and interacting with her viewers. You won’t just be watching her performances, but living them as she creates an immersive experience second to none. Alongside her live sets, Sintica also streams the creative processes, music production tutorials, and behind-the-scenes content that offer an exclusive look at her artistry.

#4 Art

Discover the diverse world of art live streams beyond just drawing sessions. From painting to sculpture, there’s something for every art enthusiast to enjoy. Join a community of like-minded individuals who are looking for a relaxed environment to connect and chat while enjoying beautiful artwork. Don’t miss out on these amazing channels and their captivating content!

Here are the popular art channels on Twitch!

  1. Bob Ross, the late PBS artist, topped the charts in December, generating a staggering 458K hours watched.
  2. Coming in second was Italian V-Tuber DyaRikku, a talented artist who also streams a variety of games.
  3. And third on the list is Juan Sguarnizo. JuanSGuarnizo, a Spanish-speaking influencer and member of the KOI team founded by popular streamer Ibai, has made it to the third spot of the most-watched channels in the Art category. Despite streaming only once in December, Juan’s 9.6M Twitch and 6M YouTube helped followers accumulate 121K hours watched, making him a force to be reckoned with in the streaming community.


ASMR is a popular category that aims to create gentle tingling sensations through softly spoken words, tapping sounds, and hair brushing. While whispering into a microphone in a serene setting is common, some of the most popular ASMR streamers take it to the next level with daring content that delves into the slightly erotic. Dive into the mesmerizing realm of ASMR on Twitch today!

Discover the Top ASMR Twitch Streamers to Follow! Whether you’re new to ASMR or a seasoned viewer, this list has got you covered. If you already love ASMR on YouTube, you might even see some of your favorite ASMRtists on this list. 

First up is Gibi ASMR Twitch Streamer, known for creating some of the most popular ASMR content on YouTube. But did you know she also does ASMR on Twitch? Tune in to ggGibi, where you’ll get all the same content but live – and with the added bonus that many ASMRtists take viewer requests during their streams. 

CopyKat_ ASMR has gained over 100k Twitch followers despite having only around 10k YouTube subscribers – an impressive feat for a creator solely focused on one platform. I discovered her while browsing the ASMR section on Twitch and now she’s my new favorite ASMRtist to watch. Her mic brushing and ear-cleaning videos using a 3DIO are my personal favorites for relaxation. She offers a great all-around ASMR streaming experience for anyone who loves ASMR. With a daily streaming schedule, there’s always fresh content to enjoy throughout the week.


Overall, Twitch has become a great platform for creators to explore various content and have their content reach a wide demographic of people. Twitch helps create strong communities and bonds between content creators and their viewers. The impact of this platform is unlikely to be overstated, even as the realm of streaming continues to evolve. This reinforces the need for a VPN, as Twitch is throttled by some providers, and the importance of security cannot be overestimated.

Streaming on Twitch allows enthusiast to spread their passion with an ever-growing audience that can bring unique perspectives and feedback. Much like gaming, these diverse content streams on Twitch offer us ways to learn more about what’s possible, whether it is learning about digital artwork or engaging with web series within your community. There are plenty of options available and opportunities growing larger every day. With many avenues yet to be explored on this expansive platform, the only thing left is to jump into streaming yourself!


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