Bingo vs Slingo – what’s the difference?

Bingo vs Slingo

There’s no doubt you’ve heard of Bingo – the game in which a player must cross off all their randomly-called numbers on a grid in order to call “Bingo” and win the prize. But have you heard of Slingo – the latest Bingo and slot game hybrid that’s been taking the world by storm? Bingo vs Slingo

If you’re frequently playing online Slots or Bingo at Paddy Power, for example, then the next time you log in, you’ll want to keep an eye out for Slingo, because this game could change how you spin those reels – and your life – for the better.

Read on to find out more.

What exactly is Slingo?

The idea of combining Slots and Bingo appeared in 1994, when a high-roller from New Jersey named Sal Falciglia decided to see what would happen if he created the first form of Slingo. Over the years, the game has gained popularity, and online Bingo sites now host many different variations of the unique game. 

Slingo itself might sound complicated, but it’s actually a very simple game to play. First, you’ll fill a five-by-five grid by spinning a reel. When all 25 numbers are filled, you’ll get 20 turns to spin the reel again, which will present five new numbers each time. If a number appears that corresponds with any of the numbers on your grid, this number will get marked off. 

Upon filling the whole five-number row diagonally, vertically, or horizontally, you get a Slingo. The more slingos you can land, the more you’ll advance up the bonus multiplier ladder. In addition to this, marking off enough rows and landing slingos can trigger other bonus variations, each helping you to increase your prizes, depending on the version of the game you’re playing. 

Much like slot games, Slingo includes a variety of symbols that can trigger different features during gameplay, some helpful, and some not so much. These include:

  • Joker 
  • Super Joker
  • Free Spin
  • Devil

Bingo vs Slingo

So, what’s the difference between Slingo and Bingo? Well, whilst Slingo has many similarities to both Slots and Bingo, the grid itself is the same as a game of 75-ball Bingo. The main difference between the two is the fact that when playing Bingo, the numbers called are selected randomly by the Bingo caller from a bag or ball cage. Online Bingo works in much the same way, but a random number generator (RNG) produces an unpredictable series of numbers, generating randomness. It’s this same trusty RNG that generates the outcomes for Slingo games. Every single second, a new combination is generated by the RNG, so the second the reels are spun, is the exact same second the randomised outcome is decided. This guarantees exciting and unique gameplay, with themed games like Rainbow Riches Slingo just waiting for you to spin over the rainbow and play. 

Whilst Bingo remains popular with over 100 million people playing the game online worldwide, Slingo combines many of these players’ favourite themes, games and bonuses to provide simple gameplay and new, unique ways to win. What’s not to love?


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