Black Screen of Death: What it Is?

Black Screen of Death

Indeed your computer and mobile devices are beneficial for your ongoing activities. However, no matter how well these devices are maintained you tend to face several issues with them. One, in particular, is the black screen of death (BSOD).

From the name you can guess it’s a serious issue for your PC and mobile device.

Sudden black while running is never a good sign for your computer or mobile device.

The black screen appears only when any major system program fails to work properly. And there are numerous reasons for it occurring from time to time. Are you facing the black screen of death on your computer or mobile device?

Don’t worry. Because in the coming segments we’ll discuss not only the causes but also the solutions for BSOD. so that you can get rid of it anytime it appears.

What Is BSOD (Black Screen Of Death)

The black screen of death is just a simple black screen on your device display panel. And as we mentioned it indicates major/minor system errors in your devices.

When you start your mobile or computer, you can’t see anything on the display, not even an error sometimes. It means you’re facing the black screen of death. You should know just as it can appear on your computer, also it can appear on your mobile device too.

Why Does The Black Screen Of Death Appear On Your Computer?

When you face the BSOD on your computer, It can lead to a scary situation. Because you don’t know what just happen, right?

Well, the black screen of death can appear for numerous reasons on your computer, before we go through the solutions we would like to share the causes behind it.

Let’s find out the causes together, shall we?

    • Incomplete windows installations: when your windows installation wasn’t completed properly.
  • Windows Update issues: missing files from windows update.
    • Error with softwares: if your software system or driver system stops working properly.
  • Display error: a faulty display panel, not working properly.
  • Overheating: sometimes due to running heavy programs the computer gets overheated and the system stops working properly.
  • Malware or ransomware: if your computer’s been affected by malware or ransomware.
  • Issues with your power supply unit (PSU)

These above-mentioned issues are the major causes of the BSOD. For any of these reasons, a black screen will appear on your laptop or desktop.

Why Does The Black Screen Of Death Appear On Your Mobile?

As stated earlier, mobile devices can also face BSOD as well as a computer. Take the Samsung phone black screen of death can appear for numerous reasons just like in a computer.

Let’s have a look over the causes.

  • Incomplete system update: if your mobile software update fails for some reason.
  • Corrupted apps: any corrupted apps can hinder your phone’s system and make it stop working properly.
  • Battery issues: having a low battery can be a cause of BSOD.
  • Major physical damage: due to physical damage by falling or water.
  • Virus issues: major system file deletions due to virus attacks.

Solutions For The Black Screen Of Death (For Computer)

Black Screen of Death: What it Is?

As you can see, several issues can cause your computer to suffer from a black screen. However, you can fix it by following the proper methods. We’ve tried to cover some solutions for major causes for the black screen of death.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Install Windows Properly

As you know, Windows installation is an essential part of running your computer system smoothly. Any hindrance can ruin the computer’s system files and cause trouble while running.

So while installing the windows make sure your computer doesn’t shut down for any reason. If it does, important system files can get missing and cause a black screen.

If by any chance your computer gets shut down while installing Windows, you might want to re-install it to ensure proper operating system setup.

Recover Previous Update Version

Just so you know, Microsoft OS is a constantly updating system, where they try to keep your computer up to date with newer versions of software and drivers. However, causing problems with newer system updates can cause trouble if they are not installed properly.

If you’re suffering from a black screen due to update failure, you should recover the previous update version. It’ll remove the newer version and re-install the older version. If you like you can properly install the new update again. But make sure it’s properly installed into your computer system.

Ensure Proper Software & Driver Setup

Sometimes the software and drivers you install into your computer system don’t match well. Continuous usage might cause major system failure like the black screen of death.

So always install optimized software and drivers that are well suited for a computer system. optimized softwares and drivers not only provide safety but also ensure the good health of your computer.

Check Cable Connections

Sometimes black screen occurs due to physical issues, not just software issues. Lose hardware connections could be the cause of the black screen. So before you take your computer to an expert, check the cable connections.

If it still doesn’t work then try switching to a different monitor. Because a black screen could be caused by a faulty monitor sometimes. Also check the connections to your internal fans, if they are working properly or not.

As mentioned in the earlier section, overheating could cause the black screen, if it’s not due to software then it’s a physical issue. Change the fan if you have to, in doing so you’ll be able to solve the overheating problem.

It might be hard to believe that the black screen can be caused by the PSU. if the power output it gives doesn’t match your computer system it causes a short circuit and causes a black screen.

BIOS Reset

As you know, BIOS holds the core programming of your computer. You can change the hardware and softwares work from the BIOS. Resetting the BIOS system is a good way to fix the black screen problem. But first, you need to enter the BIOS mood.

To do that, you must restart your computer, and press F12 at the beginning. In doing so you’ll enter the BIOS mood. After that, follow the given instructions carefully to reset your computer’s BIOS system.

  • Find your way to the Boot menu.
  • Then find load default settings.
  • Ensure the boot settings are from your HHD/SSD.
  • If it’s not from either of the storage devices then change it in the SSD/HHD from Boot priority first.
  • After that just hit the default button to restore every load setting back to its original settings.

With Windows Repair

In case your computer shows a black screen from the beginning, you can use the windows repair mood to fix it.

To do that follow the given instruction from the following points.

  • First, press and hold the shift key while you reboot your computer.
  • Then a blue screen will appear after rebooting.
  • From there go to advanced options.
  • Find and click on the system restore option.
  • After a quick scan, it will locate any missing files from your system.
  • The missing file will be shown in a small window, and from there install the missing program.
  • After it’ll ask for a quick restart. Hit next to complete the reboot process.

Boot With Safe Mood

Another quick boot option avoiding the black screen to run the computer using safe mode. To do that, first, reboot the computer by holding shift. Then from the windows repair system go to troubleshoot>startup setting>safe mood.

After that, your computer will start in a safe mood after a quick reboot with the black screen. Then restart your computer normally to return back to the original windows system back.

Note– always try to use good anti-virus software on your computer. It will help you prevent any malware and ransomware from harming your computer’s system files.

Solutions For The Black Screen Of Death (For Mobile)

There are several methods of fixing the black screen of a mobile device. To fix the black screen from your mobile follow the instructions given below.

  • Mostly black screen occurs because of a faulty battery if it’s old. So try to replace the battery with a new one.
  • If it’s due to missing program files, revert back to the older version by using the recovery mood.
  • If you’re getting a black screen after a recent update, then try giving your mobile device a factory reset.

Note– if none of the above methods works you can try repairing the tool using your computer.

Final Verdicts

No matter how you look at it, facing a black screen on your mobile or computer is never a good sign. We all faced it at some point in our life using either of these devices.

Having said that, if you face going through this black screen of death, then by using the above methods surely you’ll be able to fix it. And continue to use your device smoothly.


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