Boosting Your Business? Here Are Seven Types of Online Advertising

Boosting Your Business

When it comes to boosting your business,advertising your products or services is a part of the overall equation. You don’t expect customers to reach out to you and instantly do business with you. You have to run after prospects and promote your products or services.

Gone are the days when you could only sell your products or services offline. These traditional forms of advertisingincluded TV, radio, and print marketing (flyers, posters, newsletters, etc.). Today, the internet allows you to promote your products or services in many virtual ways.

There are a handful of digital campaigns to employ for your business. If you’re wondering what to implement, here are seven online advertising types to consider for your business:

1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing is one form of digital advertising. As the name implies, it endeavors to promote your business via the search engine to increase your online visibility and website traffic. There are two types of SEM: search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The process involves optimizing your website (SEO) and displaying paid ads (PPC) for your site or content to appear on the search engine results pages (SERP). Hence, consider working with an SEO or a PPC company for your SEM campaign.

2. Display Advertising

Display advertising is what it sounds like-displaying ads on different websites online. While search ads appear on the search engines like Google and Bing, display ads get displayed on other websites such as blogs. For the most part, these banner ads can be in the form of images, video clips, or text ads. They get posted on other relevant third-party sites for product or service promotion of your business.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing has long been proven powerful and effective in the world of business. While it isn’t anything new, it has recently resurfaced in recent years. Thanks to digital tools and technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and automation, they have made email advertising a lot easier, more efficient, and more seamless. These tools and technologies allow you to procure your prospective customers’ email addresses. From there, you can send them promotional emails for your business.

4. Social Media Advertising

When it comes to online advertising, we can’t proceed without mentioning the power of social media business. Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn work wonders in business. They allow branding, product and service promotion, customer engagement, and business transactions. But on a more specific note, these channels enable you to display your ads on social media. For instance, Facebook advertising allows you to choose your ad format, placement, and target demographics. From there, your ads will appear in the newsfeed of your prospective customers.

5. Mobile Advertising- Boosting Your Business

Mobile advertising is another form of digital advertising. As the name suggests, it involves displaying ads on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers. Examples are the text messages people receive on their phones, banner ads embedded on mobile sites, and downloaded apps like mobile games. As more and more consumers get hooked on their mobile devices most of the time, this online advertising form proves to be more effective.

6. Retargeting

In the online realm, it’s easy to track tons of people who have visited your website, engaged in your social media, or have shown interest in your business. Unfortunately, these prospects have not gotten converted into actual customers for some reason. That is where retargeting comes into the picture.Retargetingentails displaying ads to prospects or qualified leads who have shown interest in your business. You can set up your ads via Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads and retarget these ads to the same people.

  1. Digital Signage- Boosting Your Business

The last on the list of online advertising forms is digital signage. This type has recently taken ground in the business landscape. It appears to be an evolution of traditional outdoor advertising. Instead of displaying billboards, banners, or posters in print form for advertising, you can use digital technologies to promote your products or services via screens. Think of billboards, window displays, bus stops, or any other stand with a screen, allowing you to display your ads.

The Power of Online Advertising

We can no longer ignore the power of digital advertising. As a business owner or digital marketer, consider some of the online advertising campaigns mentioned above. However, be sure to factor in your business objectives, study your target market, and choose the right digital platforms before implementing your digital campaign. Ultimately, you’ll be surprised at how online advertising can kick your business up a notch.


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