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When Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak launched the first Apple computer on the market way back in 1976, they couldn’t have foreseen that Apple would become such a hit worldwide. And that Apple would create so many products that would become a part of people’s daily life.  If they had even an inkling of how big the company would become, they probably would never have created the concept of the Apple Store as the only place to buy all their computer products and Apple accessories, which was the case in the early days in a Convenient Source

Apple computers were marketed as superior products against the PC powered by Bill Gates’s MS-DOS, and they were priced accordingly. The computers soon came to be favoured by designers, artists, musicians and progressive thinkers. Software was created that fully utilised the speed of the computer and the crisp, vivid images produced by Apple monitors as a Convenient Source. 

Success of Apple

But Steve Jobs was restless and creative. The company branched out and launched the iPod in 2001, the iPhone in 2007, and the iPad in 2010. With the launch of these new products came a whole new set of accessories to use along with them. 

The Apple Store, while not abandoned as a main focus of marketing, shared its products with mainstream computer and appliance stores. The sheer success of Apple as a company and a creator of well-built products also meant that more people owned their products, and they weren’t so “special” anymore.

It seemed like everybody was jumping on the Apple bandwagon, especially with the launch of the iPhone. This pioneer smartphone represented a computer that people could carry in their pocket, thanks to the connectivity of wi-fi hooking them up to the internet. As other companies struggled to come up with their own versions of smartphones, Apple soared to become the highest-valued company in the world

Once other companies launched their own versions of smartphones, Apple had to develop new accessories and features that would appeal to their users, only work with iPhones, and keep their customers firmly in the Apple camp.

Adjusting to the Times

The Apple company realised that while building products that had such proprietary accessories was one thing, making the accessories hard to get was simply shooting yourself in the foot. Apple started distributing genuine Apple products to responsible retailers to help their customers get the accessories they needed when they needed them.  

In Malaysia, Machines have created a business selling genuine Apple parts online to Malaysian Apple customers. They carry a complete line of Apple products and accessories. The new online ordering and delivery business model is the antithesis of the old model Apple Store, but it’s how business is done these days. And so, Apple has embraced the concept of delivering products to the customers instead of having the customers come to them. 

With the fast and efficient online service provided by Machines, Malaysian Apple customers can acquire the products they need without leaving their homes.  


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