Buying bulk network cables – 3 cable types you should buy in bulk for your business!

bulk network cables

There are different types of accessories you can use to ensure you get the best data processing, transferring, and internet speeds available for your computer. By doing some research on the best cords and accessories, you can ensure you spend the right amount of money for the fastest and most efficient product. Let’s see the differences between each type of cord and the best one should buy bulk network cables for your business!

Best bulk network cables – here is a comparison!

Before you can choose the best bulk network cables for your business, you need to know the differences between the most popular options: Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat7A, Cat8, and outdoor cables.

When comparing ethernet cables, businesses need to keep in mind that every option is not for what their business requires. If you need ethernet cables for your office or for cabling, you need to make sure you choose the right type for maximum efficiency and safety. 


The Cat5 ethernet cable can produce 10-100 Mbps over a distance of up to 100 meters. Although this type is faster than the Cat3 cable, the earliest type of ethernet cable that can support 16 MHz, the cat5 cable is now basically obsolete since the Cat53 was first introduced. The Cat5e cable has lower noise and lower susceptibility to attacks when it comes to processing information. 

Cat6 cable

The cat6 cable is the next type of bulk network cable that can support 10 Gbps and withstand frequencies of up to 250 MHZ, with Cat6 cables being more tightly wound than a Cat5e cable. This type of cable also has thicker sheaths and protects against crosstalk between networks.

The cat6a cable supports up to 500 MHz and can support 10 Gbps, with Cat6a also being able to support 10 Gigabit ethernet. Furthermore, this type of bulk network cable is less tightly wound and less thick than Cat6, making it easier and more flexible to use.


Cat7 can support 10 Gbps and frequencies of up to 600 MHz – however, the only downside of this type of cable is not being approved for telecommunications. When looking at the greatest capacity cable and the fastest option for businesses, the Cat7 is slightly better than the Cat6a cable – but it could be less reliable. 

Cat8 cable

The Cat8 cable has not been produced yet and verified, but can support up to 25GB And 40Gb ethernet. Although this type of cable is still in the testing phase, it is a good idea to keep an eye out for any future developments with this cable type. 

Outdoor ethernet cables

The exterior-grade ethernet cables are weatherproof, can be buried easily within the ground, and contains UV protection to keep it from fraying after exposure to sunlight.


As you can see, choosing the best bulk network cables for your business is essential to safety, security, and efficiency! For the fastest ethernet cable, consider trying the Cat6a or Cat7 cable, whereas outdoor businesses should only use exterior-grade ethernet cables to help protect against rain and the outside elements. 


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