[3 Quick way to Fix] Can’t Hear People on Discord [Step By Step]


Can’t Hear People on Discord: Discord is a communication tool used by a lot of people, especially gamers, to communicate and coordinate via private servers while playing games. Since its inception, the software has received several improvement updates along with the addition of new features to the platform. Discord is currently the most popular VoIP software, with millions of users from all around the world. People use it not only while playing games but as a social media tool to find and interact with new people in the community.

Despite being one of the highly rated VoIP software, the application still has a lot of room for improvements and bug fixes. One of the most common problems faced by a lot of users is not being able to hear anyone on discord. In fact, the number of users facing similar voice-related issues on discord is absurd. If you’re unable to hear anybody’s voice, then you’ve probably become a victim of this issue.

The best part of Discord is that it doesn’t require any additional software installation in order to share your screen On Discord  with other users

But, you don’t need to freak out, since you’re not the only one who is facing this issue on discord. The good news is that you can fix the issue all by yourself simply by following the below-mentioned solutions. Go ahead with the article to know why discord can’t hear anyone.

Can't Hear People on Discord

Why I’m Unable To Hear People On Discord?

Discord might be considered as the best option when it comes to voice communication, however, that doesn’t mean it is completely free from bugs or issues. Sometimes, you might end up running into glitches and bugs on discord and the reason for that could be anything. In most cases, certain issues such as not able to hear anyone appear simply ( Can’t Hear People on Discord) because of the system configuration at the user end.

It’s possible that you may have selected an improper audio device due to which your PC is unable to output the sound. Likewise, there might be a few minor bugs in the discord app itself which can be solved simply by updating the app to the latest version. However, it’s technically not possible to specify the exact cause of the issue due to various reasons.

Therefore, we’ve decided to come up with this article, so that our readers can understand why Can’t Hear People on Discord and how it can be fixed in just a few minutes. So, let’s jump into the fixes discord voice not working right away to.

How To Fix Can’t Hear People on Discord Issue?

As mentioned earlier, it’s common to run into minor bugs and glitches on discord since it’s still in the development stage. Therefore, it’s likely for such related issues to arise at any time. However, such problems, sometimes, can go to reach the point that you might stop hearing other people all of sudden on discord. It’s better to restart the discord app and connect again with your friends to resolve the issue almost in no time.

But, if the problem still doesn’t go away, then you might have to perform the following methods in order to fix the voice-related issues on your discord app. Below are all the solutions shared by various discord users and officials in the community.

Method 1Enable Subsystem Legacy Audio On Discord
Method 2Correct Your Primary Input and Output Device
Method 3Reinstall Discord App On Your PC

Method 1:- Enable Subsystem Legacy Audio On Discord

One of the easiest ways to fix the discord voice chat not working or voice-related issues on discord by enabling the Subsystem legacy audio option from the settings. Your issue of not being able to hear other people during group calls or personal calls would be resolved instantly after toggling the Subsystem legacy audio option.  Steps to enable the same are as follows:-

  1. Launch the Discord App on your Computer or Laptop and Open up Settings.
  2. Select the “Video and Audio” option in the Settings Menu to proceed further in the process.discord randomly can't hear anyone
  3. Find the “Subsystem” option which will be located all the way in the bottom on your screen.can't hear people on discord reddit
  4. Enable the “Legacy Audio” feature simply by toggling it and save the changes.discord can't hear anyone 2019
  5. You need to restart the Discord app and sign in again for the changes to take effect.

The issue would be resolved after restarting your Discord app on your computer or laptop. A lot of discord users were able to resolve the issue with this method. However, there are still chances that you might continue to face the issue even after performing all the above steps. If that’s the case, proceed to the next method on this list.

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Method 2:- Correct Your Primary Input and Output Device

If you’re still facing the Can’t Hear People on Discord issue even after doing the first method, then you’ve properly set an incorrect device as your primary input and output device. Before connecting to discord voice chat, you need to make sure that your audio devices are properly selected, otherwise, you won’t be able to hear anyone on discord.

You don’t need to open discord app for this since it’s something that you have to do in your Windows settings. Go ahead with the following steps to make sure your audio device is set to default.

  1. Open up “Sound” Settings simply by right-clicking on the Sound icon from the Taskbar.discord can't hear anyone browser
  2. Go to the “Output” option in the Sound Settings window to proceed further.can't hear discord when minimized
  3. Open up the drop-down menu and select the headphones you’re using currently.
  4. You can also select Speakers in case if you wish to hear other people on your Speakers.
  5. Now close the Sound Settings and Open up the Discord app to see if the issue is fixed.

This method would probably fix the issues in most cases, however, if you’re still facing the issue on your discord app, then move on to the next solution.

Method 3:- Reinstall Discord App On Your PC

The process of reinstalling a software might seem to be a tedious thing, however, in certain cases, you will have no left but to consider reinstalling the software to fix such stubborn bugs. If you’re still not able to hear other people on discord despite trying the above two mentioned steps, then the only thing you can do is perform a clean installation of the Discord app.

  1. Open up Control Panel Settings by going into Start Menu on your PC.
  2. Navigate to the “Apps and Programs” option and Open it up to proceed.
  3. You will find the list of installed apps on your PC on the next screen.
  4. Select the “Discord” app and click on the “Uninstall” option to remove the app.
  5. Go to the official site of Discord and download the latest version of the Discord app to install it.

Follow the instructions provided on your screen to complete the installation process of the Discord app on your PC. Now sign in to your discord account and enter into a group voice chat. You will be able to hear other people crystal clear at this point.

Wrapping Up

I hope you were able to solve the voice-related issues on your discord by following the solutions mentioned in this article. Let me know in the comments which method did you use to solve the issue, and if the methods mentioned in this article were clear enough and easy to understand. Make sure to share the article with your friends who might be facing the same issue.


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