CCleaner Browser Review – Is it the Time to Switch from Google Chrome?

CCleaner Browser Review

Nowadays, there are a ton of different browser apps are available for Windows OS. Different browser offers different features on your device that you can use. And one of the most trending browser nowadays is the CCleaner browser. So, in this post, we’ll give you the complete CCleaner browser review.

We know CCleaner as a PC cleaner and registry cleaner software. However, in 2019, CCleaner launched their own web browser for Windows, based on Google Chrome. After that, people are talking about this web browser and searching for reviews. So, in this post, I have described the features, pros and cons and other aspects of the CCleaner web browser.

So, if you are thinking to get CCleaner web browser on your PC, and want to use it as a default web browser, then you should read all the details below. Below, I have reviewed CCleaner web browser that is available for Windows PC. You’ll get a detailed CCleaner Browser Review below.

If you were looking for the CCleaner Browser Review, then you just have come to the right place. After reading this review, you’ll be easily able to decide if you want to use this browser on your PC or not. Just read this review completely.

What is CCleaner Browser?

CCleaner Browser Review

Before we get into the actual review of the CCleaner browser, first, let me tell you what this browser really is and how it works.

CCleaner is a Chromium based web browser, available for Windows PC. This web browser has the same interface of Google Chrome, but has some extra features in it. Chromium is an open source browser. And the CCleaner browser is based on the Chromium browser. You get the same interface of Google Chrome on CCleaner. However, there are some extra features are available on the CClaner browser. So, if you are switching from Google Chrome to the CCleaner browser, you might not be able to see any difference in terms of the interface of the browser.

Avast, one of the popular antivirus and antimalware prgrame for Windows, has acquired CCleaner long ago. Since then, they have done many things to the CCleaner original program. And CCleaner Browser is indirectly a program from Avast. However, you can call it a co-incident or not, but Avast also has a web browser named Avast secure browser. And this browser has the exact same interface of CCleaner Browser. And guess what? The features are also similar.

So, one question might be pop-up in your mind, is CCleaner Browser is the rebranded version of the Avast Secure Browser?

Well, both of these browsers are from Avast, you might see weird similarities between these two browsers. Their interface, features and functions are the same. Only the name has been changed. But, people who doesn’t know that CCleaner is a part of Avast group, might think that the CCleaner browser is better from the Avast Secure browser. Everything are same on these two browsers. So, after knowing this, you might be thinking CCleaner or Avast browser, which one should you get?

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CCleaner Browser vs Avast Secure Browser – Which one Should You Use?

Well, this question might be tricky. Because of of these browsers are from the same developers, and they have the same features, it’s not easy to choose between these two browsers.

If you want to migrate from Google Chrome to other browser, and want the browser to be based on Chromium, you can try between these two browsers. Because of these browsers are based on Chromium. And ultimately, you have to choose between these two browsers to install on your Windows PC.

But, if you ask me to choose between these two browsers, I would choose CCleaner browser. Personally, I think CCleaner is one and only program from Avast that users can trust. You might have heard about Avast software’s and how they install adware on your PC. This was the issue with CCleaner browser when CCleaner used to install Avast Antivirus on users PC without their consent.

But, for now, CCleaner Browser has better reputation than the Avast Browser. So, you can use the CCleaner Browser on your PC if you want to use a Google Chrome alternative.

Now, let’s come into the actual CCleaner Browser review. Below, we have described the features along with the pros and cons of the CCleaner Browser. So, you can read it and choose if this browser is right for you or not.

CCleaner Browser Review – a Better Chromium Based Browser?

CCleaner Browser Review

CCleaner Browser is a chromium based web browser. However, unlike other Chromium based browsers, you get some extra security features with the CCleaner Browser. So, if you want a web browser with better security, you can use this browser. Below, we have described the features that you get with the CCleaner Browser. So, after reading the features, you can choose if you want to get the browser or not.


CCleaner Browser has the same interface of the Google Chrome. As it is a Chromium based web browser, you’ll get the same interface of this browser. So, if you are switching from Google Chrome browser to the CCleaner browser, you won’t face any issues while using it. The interface is the same. However, you’ll get some extra options to control different extra features of the CCleaner Browser. That’s the only difference between Google Chrome and CCleaner Browser. Rest interface is the same. So, you get the same interface of Google Chrome on the CCleaner Browser.


Most users switch from Google Chrome to other web browsers because of it’s RAM eating issue. Google Chrome consumes much RAM on your PC. So, when you use the Chrome browser, your PC might get slow. Now, as the CCleaner Browser is also based on Chromium, you might think if it’ll also consume much RAM on your PC or not. So, let me give you the anwear. CCleaner Browser doesn’t consumes much RAM on your PC when you use this browser. It has the option to control the performance of this web browser from the settings option.

CCleaner browser has an option named performance manager. With this feature, you can control the RAM consumption of this browser on your PC. Also, this browser reduces RAM usage up to 50% when you use it on your PC. You can enable the ‘Supend Inactive Tab’ option on CCleaner Browser, and it’ll close the inactive tabs on your PC. It’ll automatically close the tabs that are running in the background of your PC. This way, you’ll get a better RAM management when using the CCleaner Browser on your PC. If you are using a laptop, it’ll help you to save the battery life of your laptop.


CCleaner Browser is only available for Windows PC and Laptop. Officially, this browser isn’t available for Mac or iOS devices. So, you can use this web browser on your PC only if you are using it on a Windows PC. On all version of Windows including Windows 7/8/8.1/10, you can get this web browser, and use it without any issues. Unlike the Google Chrome browser, you can’t get CCleaner Browser on your Mac. So, you have to install and use this web browser on your Windows PC.

Security and Privacy Center

Security and Privacy center is an extra option that you get on the CCleaner Browser. You can call it the control panel of the CCleaner web browser. Because, with this option, you can enable or disable the extra features of this browser that you get. There are many extra options are available on the CCleaner Browser. So, if you don’t want to use an extra feature, you can enable or disable the feature from the Security and Privacy Center of the CCleaner Browser on your PC. As of now, the Security and Privacy Center has nine different features. We have described them one by one below.

Anti Fingerprint

Anti Fingerprint is an unique feature that you get with the CCleaner Browser on your PC. Well, this feature doesn’t have any connection with physical fingerprint option. Instead, it is related to the privacy settings of the web browser. When you enable the Anti Fingerprint option of CCleaner Browser, it’ll help you to protect you from online trackers. It helps you to mask your browser ID when you are using the Internet. So, websites that you use won’t be able to get access to the browser information. This way, you can protect your privacy easily.


Nowadays, many web browser comes with the Adblocking feature. However, on the CCleaner Browser, you get a powerful ad blocker that’ll help you to block different ads on a particular page. Blocking the annoying ads from a web page will not only help you to get a clean browsing experience, but, it’ll also load the pages faster. Sometimes, the ads can be annoying. So, you can enable the adblocking feature of the CCleaner Browser and get a clean browsing experience. Just use the adblocking feature when you want and you’ll get a better browsing experience with the CCleaner Browser.

Anti Phishing

Nowadays, as the number of Internet users are increasing, the number of cyber attacks are also increasing. And Phishing attacs are one of the most common attacs that people face while using the Internet. With Phishing attack, hackers can get your personal information like Email, Username and Passwords and hack your account. But, CCleaner Browser has a built-in anti phishing attack feature that protects you from these attacks. You can enable the anti-phishing option on the CCleaner web browser, and it’ll help you to protect your from random phishing attacks while using this browser to browse the Internet.

Anti Tracking

Anti Tracking is another useful feature that you get with the CCleaner Browser. When you browse the Internet and open different websites, the trackers on the website tracks your data. Later, they show different ads according to your behavior. So, if you want better privacy while using the Internet, you can use the anti tracking option of the CCleaner web browser. Just enable this feature, and it’ll block all the trackers on the Internet. So, with CCleaner Browser, you’ll get a better browsing experience with privacy features. It’ll block the trackers.

Stealth Mode

The stealth mode feature of the CCleaner browser is nothing but the incognito mode of the Google Chrome browser. You can open stealth mode option, and browse the Internet without leaving any web history. It’ll help you to browse the Internet anonymously on your device easily.

Password Manager

There are various password manager platforms are available nowadays. But, you get a built-in password manager with the CCleaner Browser. The password manager of this browser helps you to autofill the passwords for particular websites in one click. So, if you have password forget habit, it’ll help you to login to a particular account.

Extension Guard

On Chromium based browsers, you can get different Chrome extensions. These extensions helps you to do different things on the web browser. However, there are some malware infected adware chrome extensions are also available. These extensions can be installed on your browser and can cause harm to your privacy. But, the extension guard feature of the CCleaner browser helps you to prevent these extensions from installing.

Webcam Guard

Do you fear of your web cam being captured by hackers? If yes, then the webcam guard feature of the CCleaner Browser will help you to prevent that. You can prevent webcam hijacking with the webcam guard feature of the CCleaner web browser.

Pros & Cons of CCleaner Browser

  • User Friendly interface same as Google Chrome
  • Security and Privacy Features
  • Adblocking
  • Supports Google Chrome Extensions
  • Only Available for Windows OS
  • Google Account Sync Option is not Available
  • Doesn’t Support Chrome Themes

Wrapping Up

So, guys, I hope you have liked the CCleaner Browser review. This browser has some extra security and privacy features that’ll help you while browsing the Internet. So, if can ignore some cons of this browser, you can use it on your device without any issues. If you liked this guide, you can share it on your social media platforms using the share buttons below. If you have any question or queries, you can ask them in the comment section below.


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