How To Charge Laptop Without Charger | Ultimate Guide

How To Charge Laptop Without Charger

Charge Laptop Without Charger:- A completely dead and drained battery will effectively make it impossible for you to access the important data or information that you may have stored on your laptop. Let’s say, you have planned to go on a weekend trip with your family and have decided to take the laptop with you to carry out your pending work or just to stream movies or play games during the trip.

As soon as you arrive at the destination, you realize that you have forgotten the charging cable at your home. Now your laptop has only 50% charge left and there’s no way you can charge it as you have accidentally left the charging cable at your home. If your laptop charger not working then here is place to charge your laptop without a charger.

Now you have no option but to wait for your weekend trip to end but you’re also afraid that you cannot complete that last task that your boss has given you. Well, it definitely sounds like a scary situation to be in, isn’t it? However, the good news is that you can actually charge your laptop without using a charger.

How To Charge Laptop Without Charger

There are plenty of ways you can charge your laptop without a charger and you should be aware of them if you wish to avoid the aforementioned circumstances. So, we’ve decided to pen down all the possible solutions that you can follow in order to charge a dead laptop without using a charger. Well, let’s not waste any further time beating around the push and jump straight into the guide.

How To Charge Laptop Without Charger

Well, as you may already know, every laptop comes with its own internal battery where you have to supply the electricity in order to charge it. Almost every laptop nowadays is being shipped with a charger that is unique to the brand and the model of the laptop. The default charger that comes with your laptop is probably the most efficient and reliable way to supply electricity to the battery.

However, having a charger isn’t the only way to charge your laptop’s battery. In fact, there are other ways through which you can charge the battery of your laptop. You just have to figure out the following requirements and you should be ready to charge your laptop.

  • A Power Source to supply your battery with some electricity.
  • A medium to transfer the electricity from the power outlet to your laptop.

Here is a list of ways that you can rely on to charge your laptop without a charger. You may go ahead and proceed with any of the below mentioned solutions as per your convenience and according to your situation. Let’s go ahead and start off with the solutions.

Method 1 :- Charge Your Laptop Using a Universal Charger

dell laptop charger

As stated in the earlier part of the article, the charging ports and charger’s pins aren’t common across all laptops brands and models. So, you can’t just use the charger of a different laptop brand to charge your laptop’s battery. In such situations, having a universal laptop charger is a bliss to say the least. A universal adapter comes with plenty of charging tips, you can choose the tip according to your laptop’s brand and use it to charge the battery.

If you have multiple laptops at your desk and don’t want to carry the charges separately for every laptop, then a universal charging adapter is probably the best option you have got. Most of the universal charging adapters come with approximately 5-10 differently sized charging tips, so there’s a good chance that you will find a fit laptop and charge the battery using it.

In addition to this, you can purchase the charging tips or pins individually if you already have the charging adapter. Usually, such universal adopters are pricey depending on the brand you select, however, not so pricey to the point that leaves a hole in your wallet.

So, in the end, it’s totally worth having a universal charger to help you in situations where you might have to bring your charger along with you. So, go ahead and get yourself a universal laptop charging adapter and you don’t ever have to worry about your battery woes.

Method 2 :- Use Your Car Battery To Charge The Laptop

If you’re someone whose work involves spending most of the time inside of a car on a road, rather than an office, then you may rely on your car’s battery to charge your laptop on the go. But, the main problem with this method is most of the laptops that are available in today’s date are designed to take a voltage output of 8V, while the voltage output of a car starts from 12V.

So, it’s possible that you may end up damaging the battery of the laptop or battery if you directly plug the laptop directly to the car’s battery. Therefore, it’s advised to make use of an inventor which does the job of converting your DC source to AC current. So, if you have an inverter at your disposal, then go ahead and follow these steps to charge your laptop’s battery from your car’s battery.

  1. Start Off by connecting your inverters to the cigarette lighter socket of your car.
  2. Now go ahead and plug your laptop’s charging adapter to the inverter.
  3. Take the laptop’s AC adapter and plug it to your laptop to start charging the battery.

This is an effective method that not only turns on your laptop and also charges the battery as well. You can use this method to basically charge any laptop, however, make sure to use an Inverter to convert the power source and limit the voltage, otherwise, you could end up damaging your laptop’s battery.

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Method 3 :- Charge Your Laptop Using An External Laptop Battery Charger


hp laptop charger

You may not have heard of this, but you can actually take out the battery out of your laptop and charge it individually with the help of an external battery charger. To explain it in simple terms, an exte


rnal battery charger is basically a separate device that you don’t have to plug into your laptop to charge the battery. Instead, you mount the battery of your laptop into the external charger in order to charge it.

If you have an external battery charger and do not know the process of using it, then are the steps that you need to follow.

  • First of all, Take out the battery from your laptop.
  • Mount it in the external battery charger and make sure it fits perfectly.
  • Now take the external battery charger and plug it to a power outlet or source.

Once the electricity starts passing to the battery, a light will start blinking on your external battery charger. Once the battery is completely charged. the light will stop blinking and remains steady on your external battery charger.

Method 4 :- Charge Your Laptop Using USB – C Charging

usb c laptop charger

Nowadays, a lot of smartphones and power banks are coming with USB Type c charging ports. If you happen to have a USB type C charging port on your PC, then it’s possible to charge your laptop’s battery using a power bank. The former charging ports, Type A, were only meant for data transferring and power output. Typically, USB Type A ports do not allow power input facility.

However, all such limitations are removed with the introduction of USB Type C ports. You can use a USB Type C port to not only transfer data at high speed but also charge your device using it. However, make sure the power bank you’re using to charge the laptop is rated above 18 V for the charge to be efficient and effective.

If you have a massive power bank, something like Mi 20.000 MAH power bank, then you don’t have to worry about carrying a laptop charger anymore. You could simply use a USB Type C cable to connect your laptop to a power bank and the battery of your laptop will begin to charge.

Also, there are no downsides of this method, however, please keep in mind that your Power Bank should be rated above 18V, otherwise, there’s no point in charging your laptop using this method. This is probably the ideal solution i’d recommend if you have a USB Type C port on your laptop and wish to charge the battery without a laptop charger.

Final Words

Well, in case if you end up running into a situation where you don’t have any of the above mentioned options, then you might as well use your smartphone to charge the battery of your laptop. Obviously, it’s not an effective option and it won’t last much longer, however, if you have something important and need to access the laptop, then go ahead and try it.

And that’s going to be an end for this article. I hope the information and solutions shared in the article will prove to be helpful for those who are looking for ways to charge laptop without laptop charger. Don’t forget to share it with your friends who might need it.


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