Choosing the Best Dota 2: Where to Bet on the International?

the Best Dota 2

The Dota 2 International is probably the most famous eSports tournament. Its popularity keeps growing every year. Its viewership has reached tens of millions.

Bettors can make money from the tournament based on their knowledge and analytical skills. As long as they find a reliable eSports bookie to rely on, you have a chance of success. At, you have access to the most attractive odds and bonuses. So how do you recognize a trustworthy bookie?

Best Betting Sites for The International

If you want to improve your winning potential, you should stick to the most reliable bookies for betting on The International. The tournament is addressed by many bookies, but the leading eSports gambling sites provide the following perks.

  • Excellent variety of markets – You should check the collection of The International bets at the top-rated Dota 2 bookies.
  • Special offer – You can enjoy The International betting activities to boost your financial bankroll.
  • Betting odds – You should look for the most attractive odds at The International betting sites.

The bookies supporting The International bets should address the following criteria:

  • Safety of the customers – You can bet on The International for real money safely with reliable bookie.
  • Fast payouts – You can choose between different banking methods and the payouts.
  • Smooth user interface – All reputable Dota 2 gambling sites feature a smooth user interface. It should make it easier for you to find any wager in no time.
  • Trustworthy customer support – You should be able to get the necessary assistance from professional customers support provided by Dota 2.

How to Bet on The International Online

Now that you know where to place bets on The International, you should take action. That’s an important start, but there’s a lot more details to learn if you want to get money from the biggest Dota 2 tournament.

How to bet money on The International? Importantly, bettors should join a bookie, make a deposit, and place a bet. You can get it done in a matter of minutes. Just complete your details and choose a suitable banking method to finalize your transaction.

The more important task is to identify the markets you want to focus on. Let’s take a look at them.

The International Betting Markets

The bookies covering the competitions of The International deliver a bunch of markets. Here are the available options:

  • Futures and outrights – You can support any team to take over The Dota 2 International on the best squad for each area.
  • Gambling on matches – You can wager on The International matches in different ways.
  • Live betting on The International – If you are looking for in-play bets, you will understand that most real money betting sites support live odds on The International.
  • Prop bets on The International– Some online bookies also have advantages associated with Dota 2 heroes and items. The general statistical data is also required over the course of the tournament. Well, there are many other props tp pay attention to.

You never know what market can deliver healthy profits. Checking all the options needs to be done before actual betting.

Basic Betting Tips for The International

The following set of Dota 2 International betting tips can help you develop an effective strategy for Dota 2 betting. All potential strategies for the competition:

  • Explore the specifics of Dota 2 tournaments – The International is a Dota 2 tournament and entirely different from online eSports events. You should collect the information about the even in detail.
  • Pressure as a significant factor – The International is the most popular Dota 2 tournament in the world with the solid prize pool. The financial aspect puts immense pressure on players and bettors. But this makes the gaming and betting process even more exciting. A victory there is enough to take care of their future while the pressure to grab the opportunity is a significant factor.
  • Excessive wagers don’t make sense – All the International bookies spend a lot of time and resources to join the competition. This makes it difficult to find good bets, so you need be selective.
  • Use good bankroll management – You should always keep your money secured by proper bankroll management. So you should make up a reliable staking plan.
  • Value betting – You should learn how to find value in the odds when you wager on The International with money. This is the only way to be efficient in the long run.
  • Check out bonuses and promotions – You can find lots of The International betting bonuses online. Make sure that you take the available opportunities to your own advantage.

With the fundamentals explained, you are ready to take part in Dota 2. Make sure to act carefully not to miss some significant details.


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