How to Get Vertical Tabs in Google Chrome in 2022

chrome vertical tabs

Microsoft Edge is known for its vertical tabs that users can use from the left side of the browser. However, many Google Chrome users want to use this feature on their browsers. If you want to do the same, then you just have to come to the right place. Below, we have described the process to get vertical tabs in Google Chrome

The vertical tab feature helps users to get access to the tabs easily without any issues. However, by default, Google Chrome doesn’t have this feature. But, you can follow some simple steps to get vertical tabs in your Google Chrome web browser.

Below, we have described the step-by-step guide to do the same. So, you were looking for a way to use vertical tabs in the Chrome web browser, you can just follow the guide below. Below, we have described the complete guide to get this feature.

What are Vertical Tabs in a Web Browser

There are various types of web browsers are available for PC. And among them, Google Chrome is probably the most popular browser. However, usually, when you open multiple tabs on Google Chrome, the tabs appear horizontally on the upper section of the browser.

If you want to switch the tabs, you can click on the tab, and switch to the tab easily. However, instead of horizontal tabs, browsers like Microsoft Edge provides vertical tabs to get access to the tabs at the user’s convenience.

But, you don’t get this feature on Google Chrome. The vertical tabs help users to switch from one tab to another from the left side panel itself. So, you don’t have to use the traditional horizontal tabs when you are browsing websites, and using multiple tabs on Google Chrome. You can access the tabs from the vertical panel of Google Chrome that’ll show on the left side of your screen.

Although this feature isn’t available officially for Google Chrome, you can get it easily using a Chrome extension. This is another extension like video downloader extension for Google Chrome. There are various Google Chrome extensions available that help you get vertical tabs in the Google Chrome web browser.

How to Get Chrome Vertical Tabs?

To get the vertical tabs in the Chrome web browser, you have to install an extension first. Below, we have described the best extensions available, that you can use to get vertical tabs. So, you can get one of them and use the extension to easily get vertical tabs in this web browser.

There are many vertical tab extensions are available for Google Chrome. You can get any of them, and use this get this feature on your Google Chrome web browser. In this guide, we have used Vertical Tabs by Micheal to get the vertical tabs in this web browser.

So, you can just follow the guide below, and get this feature easily without any issues. Vertical Tabs are one of the most popular Google Chrome web browser features. As it is not available by default, you have to add this feature manually using a Chrome extension.

Steps to get Chrome Vertical Tabs

chrome vertical tabs

  • First of all, you need to add the Vertical Tabs by Micheal extension in your Google Chrome web browser. You can use the link below to download this extension.

Download Now

  • After adding the extension, pin it in the extension tab of Google Chrome.
  • Now, browse any webpage and make sure multiple tabs are open in the Chrome browser.
  • Then, click on the vertical tabs extension.

That’s it. You’ll see that a vertical tab will appear on the left side of the screen. You can manage, and browse the currently opened tabs from the left panel.

Customize Vertical Tabs

Now you’ve added the vertical tabs, it’s time to customize them. You can follow the steps below to customize the vertical tabs easily.

chrome vertical tabs

  1. Click on the Gear icon from the upper panel of the vertical tabs.
  2. Then, you’ll get plenty of customization options. You can customize the tabs according to your need.
  3. Choose the sidebar position from left to right if you want to show the vertical tabs on the right side of your Google Chrome browser. You can also change the theme of the vertical tabs and make it dark if you want.
  4. To resize the vertical tabs, you can move your cursor to the right side of the screen and when the resize icon appears, drag the vertical tab bar according to your need and resize it.

How to Get Side Panels in Google Chrome

Side panel is an experimental feature of Google Chrome that works similarly to the vertical tabs. However, with the side panel feature, you get only the bookmark and read list option that you can browse quickly.

So, if you want to display your bookmarks and read list vertically on Chrome, then you can use the side panel feature. Below, we have described how you can enable the side panel feature in the Chrome web browser.

As it is an experimental feature of Chrome, you have to enable this feature manually to get it. And you can do that on the Chrome browser itself. So, you don’t have to get an extension or use 3rd party apps to get the side panels to feature.

  1. First of all, open your Google Chrome web browser.
  2. Now, enter chrome://flags/ in the URL bar of Google Chrome, and hit enter.
  3. It’ll show the experimental features. Now, search for ‘Side Panels’ in the search bar.
  4. When you find the side panel option, enable it.

That’s it. You’ll see that side panel has been added right to the extension tab. You can click on it, and get access to bookmarks and reading lists easily.


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