Common Vape Device Problems and How to Fix Them


In a mission to quit smoking, many of us make the switch to vaping; however, as devices, our vapes can sometimes malfunction. As a result, we’re left scrambling to our local vape store for assistance, but a frequent vaper is more likely to experience problems with their device. Therefore, it might be a good idea to learn some of the most common vape device problems and how to fix them. This will save you both time and money, as you won’t be forced to head over to the experts and pay for the repairs with every little issue. Fix your own vape devices with the below tips.

The Battery Isn’t Working

Perhaps the most common vape device problem is that the battery isn’t working, and the first step to solving this is very simple. Initially, you should check that you haven’t pushed the power button so often that it has been turned off. Most vape batteries and mods can be switched off by pressing the firing button multiple times in quick succession. You should consult your user manual to see how this applies to your device. 

If your power button isn’t the problem, your next port of call is to check if your device needs charging. In the instance that it should be charged, make sure you’re using the correct charger. The device will indicate whether the connection is successful, and the charging is in progress. 

If charging isn’t the issue, you’ll then have to inspect your device for connection problems. These will likely occur in the terminal between your battery, and a quick clean should solve the issue. Just grab a cotton swab and clear any congealed e-liquid or dust. 

If none of the above solved your issue, the battery may have simply lost its capacity from use. Therefore, a replacement battery may be in order. 

The OLED Screen Say’s There’s No Atomizer

Another common vape issue is that the OLED screen says there’s no atomizer; so, the initial step is to check the atomizer. In doing so, you should rotate your device and look at the tank to check if it’s crooked. Typically, a crooked atomizer is a result of the device being shoved into pockets, knocked, or dropped. In some instances, you’ll be able to repair a crooked atomizer, in others, a new tank may be in order. 

If your atomizer doesn’t appear crooked, check the 510 pin. If your device has an adjustable 510 pin, it’ll need to be adjusted to suit the mod. Next, check to see if your coil is loose or being blocked by congealed e-liquid. After this, make sure your tank hasn’t been over tightened on the mod. Following this, clean all connecting terminals with a cotton swab. Finally, check if the coil needs replacing.

No Draw from the Device 

The final common vape problem we will touch on is no draw being taken from the vape device. Although it sounds simple, you must first check if your device is turned on and charged. Similarly, you should also check that you actually have some vape juice in your tank. Once you’ve guaranteed that the fix isn’t as simple as switching the device on or refilling your tank, you should then check your connections. In doing so, assess whether the connection between the coil and vape battery is clean and use a cotton swab to dust away any debris. 

If none of the above work, the coil may simply be a dud, even if it’s fresh out the box. For instance, sometimes the cotton is too tightly wound, which inhibits the airflow. Therefore, the coil may just need to be changed.


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