Compare all MacBooks – We Compare some of the best MacBooks – Which MacBook is the right choice for you?

Compare all MacBooks

Which MacBook suits you: the powerful Pro or the cheaper Air? In this MacBook comparison we list all models and considerations: from the 13-inch Air to the 16-inch Pro. We compare the MacBooks that are currently available and explain which factors and features to take into account.

The current MacBook lineup consists of many different models. Are you looking for a new MacBook, but you don’t know which one to get? If you are going to buy or rent  a MacBook, it is wise to first check which model suits you. That is why you will find all the information you need to make the right choice in this MacBook comparison. In this comparison, we include the models that are now available at Apple: the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro in 13 and 16 inches. Which MacBook do you choose? Choosing starts with comparing!

Current MacBooks in the store

If we compare the MacBooks, you can see that the store currently offers two product lines:

  • MacBook Air (from € 1,129): the cheapest model, available in 13-inch;
  • MacBook Pro (from € 1,449): the powerful laptop for professionals, available in 13 and 16 inch.

Previously, there were two other models: the 15-inch MacBook Pro and the 12-inch MacBook. The 12-inch model has been out of Apple’s line since July 2019. The 15-inch Pro was replaced by the 16-inch in November 2019. Also important to keep in mind is that Apple is in a transition phase from Intel MacBooks to MacBooks with their own Apple Silicon chips. Next to Macbooks you can also Rent an iPad at 

Compare MacBook: Which MacBook is right for me?

There is not one model of MacBooks that suits everyone. It really depends on what you want to use the MacBook for. We recommend a MacBook Pro for video editing and other demanding applications, but if your activities mainly consist of emailing and typing, then you are actually just as good off with a MacBook Air. In addition, your budget plays a role and whether you will often take the MacBook with you. People who are on the road every day and do not need demanding applications are more likely to find the MacBook Air. If you have a tight budget, then a second-hand model or an older model is a better choice.

With each model there is still plenty of choice, for example with more storage, multiple colors and different processors. If you want, you can choose extra options such as more memory. These models often have a longer delivery time because they have to be made to measure.

Compare MacBook: what’s your budget?

The MacBooks differ considerably in purchase price, but count on at least 1,200 euros, rising to more than 4,000 euros. Some people immediately buy the most expensive MacBook Pro model to prepare for the future. This phenomenon is called future proofing, but that is by no means always the best tactic. As a result, you often miss all kinds of innovations, which can be quite interesting when added up. You should also think carefully about upgrades such as more RAM or a larger SSD. It is not possible to add this afterwards, so choose the options that allow you to advance several years.

  1. MacBook Air: from € 1,129;
  2. 13-inch MacBook Pro: from € 1,449;
  3. 16-inch MacBook Pro: from € 2,699.

Which MacBook is suitable for students?

If you need a MacBook for your studies, the Pro will often be slightly above your budget. For most disciplines, however, you can work well with a MacBook Air or a second-hand model. However, some studies may require a heavier laptop, such as when calculating complex simulations, so check your study guide before investing in a new model. 


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