Connecting to the Internet using LED Light


In our daily life technology have a key role in maintaining balance and improving quality of life, it has made our life much easier and fast, technology involves in every aspect of life whether it comes to using technical instruments or either it involves our business and working everything is faster and more amazing with the use of the different technical application. 

Lights play a very important role in designing a home, as they enhance the look. Now there is a wide variety of lights with different innovative technologies. You can add these to your infrastructure to intensify the look.  

There is a brand of lights called oledcomm that introduce the concept of LiFi which means light fidelity they use innovative communication technology to make these wireless lights that fit best to your office and home.  

They use the binary digits 0 and 1 and use them in the light for on and off by using the invisible spectrum of light. Oledcomm aims at connecting people and objects with light by using technology, they paved the way for more advanced technical options. 

This innovative technology is very useful it finds its role in many fields to enhance experience and produce ease of making. 

They first installed this light system in kindergarten, so it become the first school in France to be equipped with such amazing technology, thus it opens up new educational opportunities to help student focus on their goal and vision. 

For any successful state mist, the important part that needs special attention is education, there are still many barriers to smooth education, the world is evolving, and it became more digitalized, children want to learn every aspect, and using digital technology in their education help in building interest and enhancing their skills.  

digitalization involves the use of wifi, but as it comes with many benefits it also has many cons, children whose brain is developing might be affected by this wifi, but here comes the light-based internet connection technology, to make life easier and safer.  

  • Using life is healthier, reliable, and regulatory  
  • These are operated without radio waves thus it makes the environment clean and healthy for the growth of children and has a less deleterious effect on their mental peace. 
  • Many children have difficulty doing the paperwork. They may have a new alternative for communication and understanding easily in the digitalized world. 
  • Installing lifi is very easy, it will not need extra days or extra work, it’s a very easy and simple process that can be completed in only a day. 


LiFi is connecting to the internet using light. 

It works simply by transmitting data between the access point and receiver device the Hugh intensity light is emitted by the bulb in the access point, the receiver captures this light and transfers it to the electrical signal, which is processed to the computer and other devices to translate them into information. 

It is an alternative to wifi but there is no use of radio waves, it is not a replacement for wifi but it is an alternative to wifi to enhance the activity of wifi for optimal conductivity where ordinary technologies are insufficient to meet the demands. 

LiFi is faster than wifi with ultra-speeds like 1Gb per second, which is dual to any fiber optic, now you can use the internet at ultra-speed for your offices and home, so to make your task efficient and smooth. 

What are the major applications of LiFi? 

It does not need radio waves thus it is safer for children. 

It is most suitable for sectors dealing with sensitive information as it cannot be broadcast outside the room, thus it helps in the security of essential data. 

As radiofrequency waves have harmful effects fragile individuals should be protected from them, thus promoting a healthier environment. 

It helps with fuel saving as it will not interfere with electronic equipment. So can be used in transportation, particularly aeronautics. 

More secure:  

Lifi is more secure and safe as it emits the signal of a light beam that does not pass through a wall of a room; thus, it cannot be hacked by any person outside the building average range is less than wifi which is approximately 250 meters (about 820.21 ft). 

Healthier environment: 

In For  past many years it was proved that radio waves are impacting our environment, these waves are having a deleterious effect on health the reason is unknown and the physiology of the adverse effect is also not known but life reduces these chances of deleterious effect by not using optical part of the segment and not involving the use of radio waves thus it is more healthy to use and safe to environment contributed to the establishment of a healthy environment. 

Using LiFi is more convenient and easier to use, the internet had made our life much easier and faster but LiFi adds more benefits for helping mankind in their daily life.


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