Crop Your Images Correctly: A Newbie’s Hand Guide to the Art!


If it’s just that flicker of light on your DP, you can just edit it a bit. If the background is more prominent than your dimple, the phone’s editing tool is good enough to adjust that. But, now that you are a professional looking for a specific tool to assist in cropping and modifying the pictures that would go in for the magazine – your phone’s cropping tool is not good enough. Though you want to create a storyline via your candids, you need a better tool to crop your photos. 

As a first-timer, what are those ‘significant’ features that you need access to while cropping your photo? Also, when you are picking that tool, what do you need to check before you decide to use it to bring that ‘classy’ look to your photo? Let’s quickly glance through the specifics – 

What does a first-timer want while cropping images? 

If you are a novice trying to edit some photos for a professional display, then to crop your images, you will need a tool that has the below-mentioned facets to it – 

  • You should be able to modify it at your convenience 

The first and most crucial thing you need to check as a first-timer looking for a professional image cropping tool is how differently you can modify the images as per the requirement. The image-cropping tool you are looking at must be fit for use at different portals, suit maximum business models, and must be in tune with the demands of social media profiles. 

  • The tool must allow multiple shapes for outlines 

The next key feature you need to check when choosing a premium tool to crop your images professionally is the range of shapes it offers. What’s a tool if you cannot crop your photo in a circle or a triangular format – as per the demands of the moment? 

  • You must be able to crop multiple elements 

It is not necessary that a picture is presented only in a singular way. There could be multiple ways of looking at the picture and presenting it accordingly to the audience. Ensure you get a tool that allows you to modify the same picture in myriad ways. Your job will require it! 

  • It must have certain customised presets 

You are a newbie into this photo-editing world and are already dealing with a number of issues. The last thing you need is – to manually set up the dimensions, format, aspect ratio, size, and tonality every time you crop the pictures. Hence, the tool that you intend to get must have an option of customizing presets so that you can crop a bunch of pictures at one go with ease! 

  • It must change the horizons 

At times, you will get the added responsibility of cropping a picture with a crooked horizon! Hence, it would help if you had a tool backed by the same. A premium tool will offer a chance to fine-tune that crooked horizon and rotate the picture just the way you prefer. 

  • The cropping tool must also add a watermark 

The last thing a novice would want in a tool is – a watermark feature. In professional domains, you would often have to add a watermark to the picture. You may not have done these things before and expect a tool to have such features for your assistance. 

What to check before opting for the tool? 

If you have read the features that a first-time user expects from a tool while they are cropping images, then assuredly, you will be checking those before investing in the same. However, what is crucial to note is – there are certain other features of a tool that you must check before you opt for the same. Let’s give you an insight into the same – 

  • Knowing if it can crop multiple pictures simultaneously 

You must check this detail!! In a professional space, especially when you are a first-timer, you will have a bunch of work assigned to you. Hence, when you go ahead cropping your images, the last thing you want is – a tool that only crops one photo at a time. So ensure you can drag a couple of pics together against the preset image dimensions. 

  • Does it offer a conversion of files? 

When you are cropping your images, you will not necessarily have them all in the same format. Some may be of the JPG version, while others may be of the GIF or even BMP version. But in the professional space, you have to submit all of them in the JPEG format (you are not picking out DPs here!)

Hence, it is essential that your tool is operational on various platforms and offers a range of professionally acceptable formats. 

  • Also, how safe are they? 

Safety is crucial when investing in a tool for cropping your images. The last thing you want is your computer stacked up with a number of viruses that release confidential data in the hands of third-party operators. Hence, it would be best if you had an image-cropping tool that is secure against untoward viruses. 

When you are done checking this handful of features, do see or, if possible, practice a demo (most websites offer the same for clarity) before you decide to put that image onto that cropping tool. 

The final crop 

Assuming you have read this content well, you can find out a tool that will crop your photos just the way you like. However, on a parting note, let’s just caution you that – despite cropping your image, do not delete the original picture. Given that in the professional domain, you might require that original image for making certain additions, or perhaps the edits will need revising. In either case, it is important to keep them back in case of untoward situations. Lastly, be careful while investing in any tool or website claiming to have the required facilities. Check well if they match your demands and only then go for the same. 


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