David Bolno on the Value Business Managers Provide


In the past, entertainment managers did not receive much attention and had a strong image of just being assistants to celebrities, but recently, their role and status have been increasing, as they are active as main characters in entertainment programs.

The role of celebrity managers is expected to increase over the next ten years. As the entertainment industry develops, including broadcasting, film, recording and performances, and entertainment planning work has formed a systematic operation and management system, this has had a positive impact on the increase in the number of people in the entertainment industry. In particular, as competition among celebrities to appear on broadcasts increases, it is important to have personnel who systematically manage the celebrity image and have expertise in negotiating appearance fees and contracts. Therefore, as the field of entertainment management continues to develop as an independent industry, it is hoped that this will have a positive impact on the recruitment of celebrity managers.

Additionally, the demand for entertainment managers with professional management skills like David Bolno will mean that image, public relations, and contract negotiations are expected to increase beyond the simple role of managing celebrity schedules. As the value-added profits of stars increase, the number of companies entering or investing in the entertainment management business is increasing, and the number of large management companies that started as management companies and expanded into planning, production, and distribution of records, dramas, and films is increasing.

David Bolno has collaborated with many world-famous artists including Pharrell Williams, Will.i.am, Justin Bieber, Drake, and Post Malone, and they are all satisfied with the final results.

In 2022, 2021, 2020, and 2019, The Hollywood released a journal that recognized the great name and professionalism of David Bolno and included him in the list of top business managers.

As in the past, compared to becoming stars through public recruitment by broadcasting companies, there are many cases where stars are discovered under the planning of management companies and become stars through systematic training, and the importance of entertainment management becomes more important. In particular, as the number of celebrities moving abroad increases, the role of managers who know the foreign entertainment industry and foreign language skills is becoming increasingly important. However, the working environment and compensation of celebrity managers are poor compared to the growth of the entertainment industry, so the turnover rate is high as many people give up their jobs midway.

This time we will get to know about entertainment managers.


1. Entertainment manager concept

An entertainment manager is a person who organizes and monitors a celebrity’s schedule and professionally performs related tasks. Unorganized organizations have evolved into systems called entertainment agencies, which sometimes have multiple managers for each celebrity or one manager for several celebrities.

Specific duties of entertainment agencies include managing celebrities’ safety and security, driving, and work management, as well as planning, negotiating, and contracting related to entertainment activities. As the entertainment industry becomes more and more popular, entertainment agencies expand the scope of their work by finding celebrities themselves, actively intervening in the marketing of stars’ images to increase favorability, and directly participating in the production of works.

Meanwhile, managers are classified based on their roles. There are road managers who accompany celebrities and run errands, work managers who work in entertainment agency offices, and schedule managers who manage celebrities’ schedules. Among managers, some appear on broadcast media with the celebrities they manage, which might become a hot topic.


2. What is the role of an entertainment manager

  • Celebrity managers are responsible for planning and managing all schedules related to entertainment activities, including broadcast appearances by celebrities such as singers, talents, movie stars, and comedians.
  • Establish and manage schedules of celebrity broadcast appearances, commercial filming, events, and concert activities, and handle tasks such as negotiating appearance fees and performance contracts.
  • Discover potential talent, create and develop an image as an entertainer, and promote it to every broadcasting station or media.
  • Help with celebrity schedules, so that celebrities can continue with the schedule that has been planned from the start.
  • Road managers are also called on-site managers, and help the celebrity in charge with driving, security, and other matters so that he or she can carry out his or her schedule without interruption. A head manager often serves as a manager or team leader at an entertainment agency and is responsible for managing celebrity schedules, publicity, recruiting, and contracts. The production manager acts as a general manager of management, such as providing financial support to the celebrity’s activities or setting the direction of the celebrity’s activities.


3. Talents and interests

Managers organize celebrity schedules and negotiate broadcast contracts and appearance fees, so they must be thorough and planned, and they are also required to have good negotiation skills, communication skills, and interpersonal skills. You must have an understanding and knowledge of broadcast media, as well as be physically fit due to having to work around celebrity schedules for long periods.


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