Different Types of Water Pipes for New Weed Smokers


Smoking devices have come a long way since the days of rolling papers and joints. Nowadays, there are various devices ranging from bongs, pipes, bubblers and more for smoking weed. Bongs (also referred to as bubblers or bingers) are by far the most popular water pipes, designed to filter smoke before inhalation, typically consisting of a bowl and downstem piece made of glass – but that’s not all that’s out there.

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Bongs are a convenient and popular way to smoke marijuana, offering multiple shapes, colors and sizes. Most commonly made from hand-blown glass or wooden materials such as bamboo and wood, bongs usually consist of long tubes with either a mouthpiece at one end and downstem (pipe stem) at the other. Their base holds water which helps cool smoke as it passes through them – the temperature can even be further decreased by adding ice cubes into their tank.

Bongs contain a bowl filled with dried cannabis that is lit when using this device, producing smoke that travels up through its base and chamber and into its mouthpiece, where it is inhaled for inhalation into one’s lungs and delivers THC and other chemicals found within organic material to the user.

As with any device, when smoking a bong (www.poison.org/smoke-a-bong) it is vitally important that its proper usage is understood. To begin smoking with your bong properly it’s necessary to place a cigarette lighter or flame near its bowl and hold it with one finger before lighting. Once lit press your finger against its tip – this will create a seal which prevents air from being pulled out through its bottom into your bong and create an uninterrupted smoke session.

Once the weed is lit, users place the downstem into their bowl to begin inhaling its smoke. A downstem is typically a short piece of tubing extending from the chamber’s top edge directly down into its mouthpiece; users then inhale by pressing lightly against their lips on its mouthpiece while applying pressure.

Carb holes (if your bong has them) are small openings on either side, just beneath the bowl, that should be covered when inhaling from it to ensure you only inhale air and not smoke from cannabis plants. To cover a carb hole while inhaling, place one finger over it as a safety measure and cover it while breathing into your bong’s carb hole with each inhale to ensure you only inhale pure air rather than any smoke particles that might enter through there.

Once finished, remove your mouthpiece and blow into the downstem to push any remaining smoke out of the chamber. Make sure no cannabis smoke remains, as secondhand smoking can be harmful for nonsmokers as per research published in JAMA Network Open.

Nonsmokers living near people who use bongs may inhale pollutants at concentrations twice higher than federal air quality standards due to particulate matter present in weed smoke haze which damages lung tissue leading to chronic coughing and bronchitis symptoms in nonsmokers who don’t smoke themselves.


As I said before, when it comes to smoking weed, there are various methods. While joints and blunts are popular choices amongst cannabis enthusiasts, pipes are quickly becoming an indispensable choice due to their ease of use, wide array of designs, materials and colors they come in as well as ease of cleaning compared to bongs or vaporizers.

Pipes consist of three elements connected by a stem: bowl, chamber and mouthpiece. The bowls of water pipes serve as the place where cannabis goes, while its chamber houses long tunnel-like spaces that carry smoke while inhalation occurs. Finally, its mouthpiece should fit comfortably inside your mouth for smoking pleasure; some pipes even include small holes known as carbs along their side or top that enable users to control airflow when smoking.

There are many materials used for pipes, from glass and ceramics to metal, wood and bamboo. While some come in unique shapes that can be painted or carved by artists to create pieces of art, most pipes are composed of heat-resistant and durable materials like glass (most commonly), ceramics (with numerous colors available), metal (with many shapes to choose from), or bamboo. Many metal pipes feature removable parts that allow easy disassembly for cleaning purposes – although glass bubblers remains the go-to material).

Pipes are an ideal way to enjoy cannabis smoking, but it is important to remember that your cannabis must first be properly prepared. Grinders or cut/grind tools such as knives or kitchen scissors work just as well; similarly, you should pack it tightly in the bowl so the smoke travels more evenly and smoothly through it.


One can choose among various water methods for smoking marijuana, each offering unique advantages and disadvantages. Deciding which device best meets your preferences depends on personal taste but it is wise to know what you’re getting into before selecting an ideal device; however, once you get a bubbler, you’ll never look back.

Some methods produce stronger hits while others can be gentler on the lungs without producing coughing fits or producing strong hits themselves. Bubblers like these are an ideal option for novice smokers or those looking for an easier method than rolling up joints or smoking blunt since their superior filtration and cooling abilities allow for smooth flavorful hits that rarely result in coughing fits than other methods.

A bubbler is a type of water pipe that uses a percolation system to filter smoke and deliver an easy, smooth hit. They typically are smaller than bongs but bigger than regular hand pipes, and come in various shapes and colors with unique features like carbs or ice pinches for further enjoyment. Bubblers are popular with novice smokers because they do not require special packing or rolling skills to use effectively, and are easier to clean than pipes.

You can find bubblers online as well as at dispensaries or smoking accessory stores. When selecting a bubbler, it’s essential to take into account your desired consumption level and desired bowl size. A larger bowl can hold more weed, while smaller models may be ideal for solo use, so think before you buy.


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