Discovering the Pushwoosh Customer Engagement Platform


Pushwoosh is a customer engagement platform and mobile messaging service. Its roots in push notifications have blossomed into a full-scale multi-channel solution. Pushwoosh is renowned for its ability to craft customized strategies that cater to the unique needs of industries such as media, lifestyle, e-commerce, gaming, fintech & banking, and others.

Crafting enhanced user journeys with Pushwoosh’s omnichannel solution

Pushwoosh offers a comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimize customer interactions and ensure that businesses can reach their customers through various messaging channels, such as push notifications, in-app messages, email, SMS, WhatsApp, and more.

With Pushwoosh, marketers can engage users when they are most receptive by tracking triggered events and gaining access to event data through the data platform, allowing for the creation of highly personalized communication campaigns.

Imagine an online fashion retailer using Pushwoosh’s capabilities for their mobile app. Pushwoosh tracks various user events, such as product views, items added to wish lists, and completed purchases. In this scenario, a user frequently browses certain items but hasn’t made a purchase.

Marketers can leverage this data to design a tailored user journey. The app can send a personalized notification highlighting a limited-time offer, enticing users to make a purchase. If the user responds positively and makes an order, the app can further enhance the customer experience by sending follow-up messages, showcasing matching accessories or offering loyalty rewards.

Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder

Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder is a visual tool that streamlines the process of creating and managing campaigns across channels. The tool helps marketers customize their campaigns according to user behavior and defined timing:

With Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder, you have the flexibility to initiate your campaigns in a way that best suits your objectives. You can opt for:

  • Trigger-based entry 

Pushwoosh customers have demonstrated that behavior-triggered messages yield a remarkable 25X higher conversion rate than generic broadcast communications. For example, you may want to target subscription upgrade offers to users who have shown interest in premium features. Likewise, upsell offers can be tailored to customers who have a history of making purchases within your e-commerce app.

  • Audience-based entry 

Alternatively, you can choose an audience-based entry, targeting specific user segments based on their data. For instance, residents of a particular city may respond positively to local news delivered by a media app. Subscribers of a streaming service may appreciate personalized “You may also like” content recommendations. Pushwoosh’s Customer Journey Builder provides the versatility you need to make your campaigns both effective and engaging.

In Customer Journey Builder provides flexible timing criteria. You can send push notifications:

  • At the optimal time calculated individually for each user, 
  • Within a Time Delay;
  • At the specific scheduled time. 

Also, you can set Silent Hours when messages should not be sent and add Frequency Capping so that users do not receive too many notifications within a short period. 

Advanced user segmentation 

Pushwoosh offers advanced audience segmentation capabilities that empower businesses to precisely target their messaging. With Pushwoosh’s segmentation, you can build segments based on a multitude of criteria, including demographics, user behavior, location, and more.

For instance, you can create segments based on user preferences, ensuring that sports enthusiasts receive notifications about upcoming games, while food lovers get updates on new restaurant openings.

Let’s say you want to differentiate between members of your loyalty program and those who don’t participate in it. You can accomplish this by segmenting your initial group and providing tailored offers to each segment:

Leveraging Pushwoosh’s segmentation tools, you gain the ability to apply any criteria, even for the most specific or complex segments:

  • User attributes: Delve into user preferences, demographic information, and device details.

  • User behavior: Analyze past user actions, both those triggered and those missed, providing a deeper understanding of user behavior.
  • Attributes combined with behavior: Combine user profiles with their interactions to construct even more finely detailed segments.

Pushwoosh provides you the flexibility to construct intricate segments through custom combinations of filters, using logical operators ‘or’/’and.’ This eliminates the need to create multiple segments for different locations and languages, ultimately optimizing the effectiveness and ROI of your marketing efforts.

Analytics and experimentation

Pushwoosh empowers marketers to analyze the impact of their messaging as well as run experiments within their campaigns using A/B/n testing.

Post-messaging insights

Similarly to how segmented messaging improves results, the analysis of post-messaging data by segment provides deeper insights, a feature made possible by Pushwoosh.

Take, for instance, a travel app that encountered unexpectedly low CTRs in its recent push notification campaign. The app’s team might conduct a thorough analysis to determine whether the lack of enthusiasm about the offer was consistent among the targeted audience or specific to particular groups. These groups could include users planning trips only within their own region, individuals who book only work-related trips, or any other specific segments.

A/B/n testing

With Pushwoosh’s Customer Journey Builder, you can evaluate the impact of various elements on the effectiveness of your messaging. This includes assessing the influence of push notifications, alternative channels, and the whole parts of user journeys. You can engage in experiments with the following elements and their combinations to uncover the ideal configuration for your messaging strategy:

  • The content and timing of your messages;
  • How message content aligns with the chosen delivery channels;
  • The synergy between user segments, message content, and the preferred delivery channels;
  • How user segments interact with triggered events, and more.

This experimentation capability empowers you to fine-tune your messaging strategy, ensuring it is highly effective and resonates with your target audience.

With Pushwoosh Customer Journey Builder, you can effortlessly review engagement metrics from these tests directly on the canvas, simplifying the process of evaluating how users interact with each variation:

Pushwoosh: advanced features with an optimized learning curve

Pushwoosh provides powerful tools that are both robust and easy to master, with minimal impact on your team’s workload. A seamless integration and an intuitive user interface make navigating Pushwoosh’s suite of tools effortless. Marketers can harness the platform’s full potential without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Are you eager to explore Pushwoosh’s powerful yet user-friendly tools and effective communication strategies utilizing push notifications, in-app messages, emails, SMS, WhatsApp, and omnichannel messaging? 

Discover the Pushwoosh solution



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