Dota’s Major Event Is Just Around the Corner: Teams, Dates, Schedule, and More Announced for TI 2023


At The International, the fight for the Aegis of Champions will restart. The biggest Dota 2 competition, TI 2023, is covered in detail below. 

Twenty of the top Dota 2 teams in the world will compete in The International 2023 in one final round following a lengthy DPC (Dota Pro Circuit) season with three tours, each advancing to a Major event.

The International’s 12th iteration will be held in Seattle, not far from Valve’s (the game developer) corporate headquarters. It will be the first TI hosted in North America since 2018, and Seattle, which staged every edition from 2012 to 2017, will serve as the event’s new home again.

After defeating Team Secret in the championship match in the tournament in Singapore the year before, Tundra Esports were named the world champions. Over $8.5 million, or over half of the $18,930,775 prize fund, went to Tundra. The London-based organization will certainly be among the favorites on the best Klarna bookmakers in 2023 here with futures bets for the tournament. 

You may find all the information you want regarding The International 2023 below. More details will be added to this article as they become available.

  • Dates, locations, and style,
  • Tickets details,
  • Is a Battle Pass set for it?
  • Teams and their squads.

Dates, Times, and Venues for Dota 2’s The International 2023

The Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, Washington, USA will host the twelfth edition of The International. The multi-purpose indoor arena, which was built in 1962 for the World Fair, can hold 17,151 spectators for ice hockey games and even more for basketball games: 18,300.

Even though qualifying is still ongoing, Valve released the schedule for TI 2023, affirming that the group stage would begin on October 12 and serve as the event’s official start date. This is two days earlier than the initially announced start date in May.

The group stage and playoffs are both a part of what Valve referred to as the “Road to the International” and will lead up to the Finals Weekend, which is set for October 27–29.

  • Group Stage: October 12-15 (Venue TBA).
  • Playoffs: October 20-22 (Seattle Convention Center’s Summit).
  • Finals Weekend: October 27-29 (Climate Pledge Arena).

Group Stage

Phase 1 

  • Each group consists of five teams out of 20.
  • In a BO2 contest, one team plays the other once.
  • Each group’s bottom team is eliminated.

Phase 2

  • To decide the playoff seeding, 16 teams compete against one another.
  • Teams placed in the top 2 will cross with the third or fourth-placed team from the opposing group (A/B and C/D).


  • In a double-elimination bracket, 16 teams compete.
  • Beginning with eight teams in the upper bracket and eight in the lower bracket.
  • All games (except the championship match) are BO3.
  • Final match is BO5.

The International 2023 for Dota 2: Ticket details

Valve eventually disclosed all the information regarding the ticket sale. Tickets for the Playoffs and the Finals Weekend will be put on sale on different days in order to reduce any misunderstanding caused by the designations given to the various tournament stages. The ticket sale for the tournament in general set off on August 25 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time on Ticketmaster.

Tickets for Playoffs

  • On August 28 at 10 a.m. PT, tickets will be available on Ticketmaster.
  • Single-day tickets cost $99 USD plus applicable fees.

Tickets for Finals Weekend

  • On August 25 (10 a.m. PT), tickets will be available on Ticketmaster.
  • A three-day pass covering the whole stage will cost $699 USD plus costs for each pass.
  • One Treasure of the Crimson Witness 2023 will be given to attendees who link their Steam account to their pass; they will also be eligible to win extras throughout the event.

Will Battle Pass Still Be Employed for Dota 2’s The International 2023?

The conventional Battle Pass mechanism, which has been a key component of the success of TI since it has been utilized for funding the prize pool of these contests, will no longer be employed, according to a Valve release.

Instead, Valve will keep moving in the direction indicated by the New Frontiers release. Cosmetic material will become less important as Valve concentrates on releasing a range of new upgrades that guarantee to keep the community engaged, as they highlighted. The majority of Dota players do not purchase Battle Passes and do not receive any benefits from them, according to Valve.

A TI-themed upgrade that is planned for release in September is said to be well underway, according to the developer. Although it is uncertain what kind of an effect this new method will have, this upgrade, which is concentrated on the competition, the participants, and the competition itself, will directly contribute to the prize fund for TI 2023. The lowest money pool since TI 2015 was $18.9 million at last year’s TI tournament.

The International 2023 for Dota 2: Teams & Rosters

Depending on their DPC results, 12 teams will be directly invited to TI12. The remainder of the eight teams will be selected through the worldwide regional qualifiers.


Team Liquid 2,150 miCKe, Nisha, zai, Boxi, Insania
Gaimin Gladiators 2,140 dyrachyo, Quinn, Ace, tOfu, Seleri
Tundra Esports 1,660 skiter, Nine, 33, Saksa, Sneyking
9Pandas 1,496 RAMZES666, kiyotaka, MieRo`, Antares, Solo
Evil Geniuses 1,470 Pakazs, Chris Luck, Wisper, Matthew, Panda
PSG.LGD 1,284 shiro, NothingToSay, niu, planet, y`
Shopify Rebellion 1,170 Arteezy, Abed, SabeRLight-, Cr1t-, Fly
Talon Esports 1,120 23savage, Mikoto, Jabz, Q, Oli~
beastcoast 1,040 Parker, DarkMago, Sacred, Scofield, Stinger
Team Spirit 1,020 Yatoro, Larl, Collapse, Mira, Miposhka
TSM 900 Timado, Bryle, kasane, Ari, Whitemon
BetBoom  760 Nightfall, gpk~, Pure~, Save-, TORONTOTOKYO



Nouns North America K1, Gunnar, Moo, Lelis, Yamsun
TBD South America TBD
TBD South America TBD
TBD Eastern Europe TBD
TBD Western Europe TBD
TBD Western Europe TBD
Azure Ray China Lou, Somnus, chalice, fy, 天命
TBD Southeast Asia TBD


Dota Is Rated the No. 1 eSport for the Prize Pool

The importance of TI can be see through the prism of a prize pool Dota as an eSport provided thus far. The biggest eSports game in terms of prize money, according to Esports Charts figures, is Dota 2, which had a total prize pool of $303,750,526. With $125,439,383, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is in second place. 

However, in terms of the number of active teams, Dota is rated fifth. There have been 2,182 active teams playing there as of now. CS: GO (5,881) is ranked first overall.


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